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Stitchdown Discord access—the hub of it all

The dedicated Discord chat server (don't worry, you'll figure out how to use it) is where the finest boot-brains gather to exchange their abundant knowledge—from makers and sizing, to leather and construction, to, for some reason, hot dogs. Also we gossip about the industry a bit, but haven't started playing canasta just yet.

Entry to the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome

The world's preeminent (only?) boot-and-shoe-aging competition is a yearly event that sounds like a helluva time—and then ends up being ever more meaningful than you expected. All you need is a new pair of boots or shoes (tried on INSIDE is ok of course), the flexibility to wear them like hell for six months, and a desire to win over $35k in prizes. Dome 2 starts Oct 1, 2022!

The warm feeling that comes from knowing you're keeping Stitchdown going

Stitchdown is a labor of love—but even the most loving labor isn't free. Joining our community directly supports the creation of interviews, features, news, roundups, flights of engineer-boot fancy, the Shoecast, Ticho's juicy mullet...all that stuff. And our thanks for said support is honestly endless.

Someone will probably just give you some boots

The whole SDP giveaway thing started with brands saying "you are an excellent and highly deserving person; here, have some of our boots." And that still happens!

But the Discord #giveaways channel has evolved into this magical place where people just...give their boots and shoes that aren't getting enough action to a person who can make that happen. And then it always comes back around. It's kind of incredible.

Ways that people have saved big $$$ thanks to SDP

-Everyone in SDP gets 10% off Sagara (when purchased direct), and $20 off any Grant Stone purchase, so that's great.
-Friends and family pricing (even though most people aren't related) is pretty much the deal in the Discord's buy/sell/trade marketplace
-Approximately $1.73 billion has been saved by not ordering the wrong size after hanging out in the #sizing-questions channel.
-I swear that people sometimes talk other people out of buying boots. It happens!

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Frequently asked questions

We’ll announce each giveaway through various channels: the dedicated Stitchdown Premium newsletter, the Stitchdown Premium Instagram account, and the Stitchdown Premium Discord server. 

From there, you just have to signal that you’re interested in the giveaway by following the instructions on each. They’ll be simple, we promise. 

If there are any restrictions to the giveaway—say, certain size range limitations, or where in the world a certain product can be shipped to—that will be noted in all communications about the giveaway. 

Very simply: we’ll announce a discount through all of the Stitchdown Premium channels, along with a special proprietary code that you can use to score your discount on any orders placed through the given brand or retailer in the set window. 

We just ask that all Stitchdown Premium members keep those codes to themselves—and actually, sharing codes outside the Stitchdown Premium community can be cause for membership revocation. We want Stitchdown Premium members to reap the benefits of their membership—not someone who hasn’t supported Stitchdown, as you have. 

Our live chat is hosted on a platform called Discord, which was selected after testing literally dozens of solutions—we feel like it best supports what we’re looking to develop with the SDP community. 

Which is, to be more specific: deeply engaged conversation about quality footwear, discussions about what people love and what they’d love to see more of, help with sizing and lasts and leathers and everything else that can help arm you to make the right decision for your next purchase. 

And of course all subscriber benefits will be announced through the Discord community, in addition to the subscribers-only Instagram feed and newsletter. 

If you purchased the wrong membership by accident, reach out to membership@stitchdown.com and we’ll get everything squared away. Otherwise, memberships are not refundable—but you can rest assured in the knowledge that all contributions at any level go directly to supporting Stitchdown’s content and operations. And that means a TON to us over here.

To make things easier all around, all memberships renew automatically every month. You can unsubscribe from your membership at any time, as long as you do so 24 hours before the renewal date. However, the full charge for your term will remain, and we are unable to pro-rate memberships that a member choses to end early.

Probably! But honestly, the real answer is: all support is essential to keeping Stitchdown going. If you just can’t make the $5/month work to become a Premium member, or the benefits don’t appeal to you for whatever reason, that’s completely fine—and Stitchdown’s content is there for you to enjoy and learn from every day. But we would greatly, GREATLY appreciate if you considered a $2/month donation to support its ongoing creation. 

Or alternately, you can just join at any time, so there’s no reason to spend the rest of your life wondering how things could have been.