Stitchdown was founded on the idea that fantastic shoes are one of the most important investments any person can make: one that can make you feel legitimately amazing—and wise, and stylish, and pretty darn pleased with yourself—with every single step.

But finding that perfect pair that will last a decade or more, feel amazing, fit your aesthetic style, and remind you every day that you made the right choice? That’s tough.

Which is exactly why Stitchdown was created: to provide deeply researched information, and recommend quality footwear brands and models for every buyer—buyers who are as discerning in their taste as they are with their dollars.

So, what does Stitchdown consider to be “quality footwear”?

Stitchdown’s primary focus is on leather footwear built using processes like Goodyear welting, Blake stitching, Norwegian welts, and yes, stitchdown construction, all of which can be resoled to extend their life—five, 10, or in some cases 20 years or more, if they’re treated correctly and properly maintained.

We feature all varieties of dress shoes, from loafers to longwings, and also higher-end boots. While some sneakers will make it into the mix—especially beautiful leather sneakers inspired by the standards of the world’s finest shoemakers—you won’t find Jordans here, or anything else considered athletic or streetwear.

The bulk of those shoes we cover are crafted by dedicated footwear companies. Some big-name fashion brands make excellent shoes, but others sadly charge sky-high prices for an inferior product—nobody wants to spend big on dinner at a Peter Luger knockoff that’s serving salisbury steak. Additionally, many of their designs follow trends, which means they will…go out of style. Stitchdown recommends shoes that will keep you happy over the long haul.

There are countless ways to make the right decision, but far more ways to go wrong. Stitchdown is here to help, through:

Long Term Wear Tests

The only way to truly understand any shoe is by wearing it—and seeing how it evolves over time. We’re constantly updating our long-term test articles (check them out right here) so you can make your next footwear investment with confidence.

Brand Guides

With hundreds of companies making quality footwear, you need to understand the history, values, sizing, materials, and build techniques of each—and understand their range of offerings. Stitchdown’s Brand Guides expertly navigate all those things and more.

New Shoe Releases

Once you find a brand you love, it’s hard to not want more of their shoes (often: many, many more). Every day we let you know about exciting new styles and makeups from our favorite trusted shoemakers.


Because you’re not Elon Musk (probably), you likely love an amazing deal on a quality product— Stitchdown is here to ensure you know about the best sales before anyone else.

Education and Awareness

Expert articles highlighting the finer details of shoe construction methods, information on how different leathers are sourced, created and best cared for, the distinctive calling cards and histories of various shoe styles, and oh so much more.

Profiles of Shoe People Who Matter

Everyone from leaders of classic brands, to bespoke shoemakers crafting only a few pairs per month, to people with shoe collections that will make you go completely, exuberantly insane with jealousy.

And Other, You Know, Stuff

As time goes on, we’ll constantly be adding new ongoing series and one-off features like this guide to the best men’s shoe stores in New York City—plus getting into very fun things like video reviews and exclusive collaborations with fantastic brands. And probably some things about socks. I like those too.

And Don’t Forget…

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