When you’re in a car with @tichoblancoshoes for the better part of a day driving to a boot factory in the middle of Pennsylvania, around about hour four you realize you should probably start a podcast together. I’m sure this has happened to all of you.

So here it is: The Stitchdown Shoecast. 

Every episode Ticho and I will first tackle one big topic or have on one fantastic, highly charming and intelligent guest. Sometimes, we’ll do the Shoe Bag, where your questions about shoes and boots and leather and care and literally anything else will be answered (the questions this week ran from “reverse chamois or snuff suede?” to “what’s your favorite ice cream,” which caused Ticho and I to become enraged at each others’ answers).

If you want to submit a question, DM me at @stitchdown on Instagram, or email me right here, and we’ll do our best to work it in. Some of those questions will be so big we’ll have to devote an entire episode to them—we already have a couple sure thing winners on that front. So keep them coming!

Stitchdown is nothing without its readers—and now, listeners. So of course we’d appreciate your support by listening, subscribing wherever you get your podcasts, and leaving an ebulliently positive rating. Huge thanks in advance.

And check back here or your preferred podcast player every week for new episodes!