Amara Hark-Weber surely must be one of the most delightful people in this world—which anyone could likely tell just from looking at the remarkably unique and creative boots and shoes the Twin Cities, Minnesota-based custom maker creates.

Amara Hark-Weber

For the first episode of the 12th season of the Stitchdown Shoecast, Amara nobly fought through a cold to discuss why she makes EVERY pair different from the previous, the incredible teachers who helped her learn the craft in very different ways, why she owns approximately 100,000 awls, not sleeping the night before a customer picks up their pair, her work spreading the gospel of great shoemaking in museum and academic settings, and slashing boots (which is exactly what it sounds like).

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Amara’s site

Josh’s incredible written interview with Amara

Amara’s Voices of Contemporary Shoemakers article

Hand Made in America: Contemporary Custom Footwear

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