My Danner Light boots are one of my most indispensable pairs of footwear. Rugged hiking boots capable of tackling anything, I sometimes actually use them for such purposes! And when I do, oh boy do they work (although hiking purists tend to tell me I should get something lighter and more modern, to whom I say: “Just look at these things! Also, I don’t think I hike as much as you do.”).

Most of the time though, I use them to hike city streets (hey, there are semi-legitimate hills where I live) anytime the conditions beckon: mainly snow, or a day drowning in rain. The Vibram Kletterlift outsole is brutally effective, and the Gore-Tex lining and gusseted tongue ensure all the bad stuff stays out. Plus again, they look great, especially in the classic Khaki color scheme. They’re fairly huge in Japan; I have no idea why they haven’t caught on in the States with that fervor just yet. I’m going to do what I can do change that.

Danner Light Helinox Boot

Their classic look is admittedly one of the reasons I love them, which is why I found myself borderline surprised to really enjoy the new, far more modern-styled Danner x Helinox Light boot. The black and white graph paper-y grid offsets the rest of the black-black-on-black in a really cool way, as do the two-tone aluminum alloy speed hooks for the laces—which are reinforced with Dyneema, “the world’s strongest fiber™” that is 15 times stronger than steel (and also got married to leather in Viberg’s new sneaker line).

Danner Light Helinox Boot

Danner Light Helinox Boot Danner Light Helinox Boot

Danner Light Helinox Boot

Helinox generally makes extremely cool, hyper-functional outdoor furniture; they collaborated with Danner on an ultra-packable chair and table for this drop, too. But what this publication cares most about is that they can future-ize a classic boot awful nice.

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