An eclectic mix can be found in our roundup this week—including summer-ready sandals from FEIT, bison boots from Nicks, seasonal releases from Yuketen, and much more.

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nicks boots shrunken bison

Nicks Boots Shrunken Bison MTO: $640+

Nicks has gotten their hands on six different colors of shrunken bison (brown, chocolate, oxblood, olive, walnut, and black) from the experts at Law Tanning. The 7.5-8oz leather is as tough as it looks, and features a wide array of variation from panel to panel. With this being a made-to-order boot, you can choose from any of Nicks’ three classic lasts and customize the height, hardware, outsole, and more.

grant stone traveler penny coral suede

Grant Stone Traveler Penny Loafer in Coral Suede: $312

Grant Stone dropped a bunch of summer-ready pairs this week. Starting things off here with the Traveler Penny Loafer in a new-to-Grant-Stone C.F. Stead suede, Coral…

grant stone traveler penny butter suede

Grant Stone Traveler Penny Loafer in Butter Suede: $312

…as well as Butter Suede.

grant stone traveler penny jungle kangaroo

Grant Stone Traveler Penny Loafer in Jungle Kangaroo: $360

This fantastic Jungle Kangaroo veg-tan leather has finally made its way over to the Traveler as well.

grant stone coast sneaker butter suede

Grant Stone Coast Sneaker in Butter Suede: $260

The Coast Sneaker, Grant Stone’s new-ish dress sneaker model, also gets its first suede variant.

alden leffot hoodoo boot black shell cordovan

Alden x Leffot “Hoodoo Boot” in Black Shell Cordovan: $925 (Pre-Order)

All blacked out (save for the brass hardware), the Hoodoo Boot is a stunning plain toe boot that offers tons of versatility. The bad news? This pre-order likely won’t arrive till early 2024. The good news: Leffot is offering multiple widths for this Barrie-lasted boot, from C all the way up to EEE (but only if you pre-order by April 30th).

yuketen italian blucher khaki suede

Yuketen Italian Blucher in Khaki Suede: $625

Dashing Chicago is one of the latest Yuketen stockists, and they’ve just received a selection of shoes from the current spring/summer lineup. The “Italian Blucher” moniker is slightly misleading—these handsewn mocs most definitely take inspiration from classic American styles, but they’re made in a small factory based in Mount Sibillini, Italy. Featuring a stylish kiltie and Vibram Tuscany mini-lug soles, the Italian Blucher comes in Conceria Opera’s Khaki Suede…

yuketen italian blucher snuff suede

Yuketen Italian Blucher in Snuff Suede: $625

…and Snuff Suede.

yuketen blucher kiltie grizzly brown

Yuketen Blucher Kiltie in Grizzly Brown: $438

The Blucher Kiltie is a relatively easy-going handsewn moccasin, made in Horween’s pebble-grained Buckaroo leather and featuring Vibram camp soles.

yuketen angler moc g brown suede

Yuketen Angler Moc in FO G Brown: $638

This ranger moc-inspired Angler Moc (with its signature hexagonal-shaped eyelets) comes in Horween’s “G Brown” suede, and is bottomed with a Vibram Christy wedge.

yuketen wadaken whiskey

Yuketen Wadaken in Whiskey: $880

Meanwhile over on, the brand is already beginning to unveil some of their Fall/Winter 2023 models. The Wadaken is an intriguing mashup, combining a classic split-toe derby pattern with a scalloped storm welt and some Cortina lug soles.

alden nepenthes wholecut oxford black calf

Alden x Nepenthes Wholecut Oxford in Black Calf: $718

Nepenthes New York has pulled out Alden’s not-often-seen wholecut oxford pattern for three exclusive makeups. Built on the Aberdeen last with a 360 flat welt and commando soles, it’s hard to say where this lands on the dressy/casual spectrum. Available in black calfskin…

alden nepenthes wholecut oxford burgundy calf

Alden x Nepenthes Wholecut Oxford in Burgundy Calf: $718

…burgundy calfskin…

alden nepenthes wholecut oxford tan suede

Alden x Nepenthes Wholecut Oxford in Tan Suede: $718

…and possibly the coolest of the bunch, tan suede.

feit two strap sandal tan

FEIT Two Strap Sandal in Tan: $450 (Pre-Order)

Looking for more than just a run-of-the-mill Birkenstock sandal? FEIT’s Two Strap Sandal could be the answer. Featuring straps made of horsebutt (what they call “semi-cordovan”), this sandal’s foundation includes a leather insole, latex for a bit of cushion, a cork midsole, and an ultra-lightweight Vibram outsole. Available in tan…

feit two strap sandal black

FEIT Two Strap Sandal in Black: $450 (Pre-Order)

…or black.

alden indy 403 brown chromexcel

Alden 15% Off at Division Road: Sale Begins at 11am ET 4/28

Division Road has decided to winnow their catalog, and is moving on from Alden. Which is sad! But, also means all kinds of classic models, such as the Brown Chromexcel Indy and the Color 8 Shell Plain Toe Blucher, are available for 15% off.

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