This week: we see the return of Truman’s Java Waxed Flesh, check in on some cool new exclusives from Netherlands retailer The Hand, learn of some good deals on the new 1964 leathers from Nicks Boots, and more. Read on!

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viberg 2040 service boot black veg smooth horsebutt

Viberg Service Boot in Black Veg Smooth Horsebutt: $825

This limited-edition service boot comes on the Viberg 2040 last in a Maryam horsebutt with some serious teacore potential, thanks to the matte black pigment dye on the leather’s surface that will wear away over time. Built with a stitchdown construction on Ridgeway soles. Just a few sizes remaining for this one.

viberg withered fig slipper brown oiled calf

Viberg x Withered Fig Slipper in Brown Oiled Calf: $580

A timeless brown slipper with leather from C.F. Stead, built on the 2030 last with some comfy Lactae Hevea crepe soles. Noice.

Division Road x Trickers Stow Boot Navy CXL

Division Road x Tricker’s Stow Boot in Navy CXL: $585

The Tricker’s Stow remains the quintessential country boot, and while Horween’s navy CXL may not have exactly been in fashion when Tricker’s released its icon…damn if it doesn’t work wonderfully. Navy CXL, in our experience, remains less TRULY navy with heavy wear, tending to get a bit lighter in shade and more varied in its finish as the leather’s pull-up reveals itself. Point is: you can beat these silly, or keep them fresh and bold, and be very happy either way.


unmarked chelsea black chromexcel

Unmarked Chelsea in Black Chromexcel: $440

These murdered-out chonky Chelseas come in Horween Black CXL with a 360 storm welt and Itshide commando soles.

nicks boots overlander 1964 black

Nicks Boots Overlander in 1964 Black: $549 ($494 For A Limited Time)

Nicks has adapted their popular new 1964 Brown—a 7.5-8 oz leather from Seidel Tanning that has been hot-stuffed with natural oils to create a supple firmness—into two new colors, and right now you can get their all-around Overlander boot at an expedited timeline and with ten percent off the list price! You’ve got your choice of classic Black…

nicks boots overlander 1964 walnut

Nicks Boots Overlander in 1964 Walnut: $549 ($494 For A Limited Time)

…or dark brown Walnut.

gaziano girling london boot suede sandstone

Gaziano & Girling x The Hand London Boot in Sandstone Suede: $1714 (GMTO)

We’re getting to know Amsterdam retailer The Hand, and they’re impressing us with some nifty exclusive GMTOs. Here they’ve got some excellent jodhpurs from renowned shoemakers Gaziano & Girling. The London Boot features a sandstone suede on their DG70 last, with double leather soles and a Cuban heel.

edward green the hand montpellier bronze antique

Edward Green x The Hand Montpellier in Bronze Antique: $1221 (GMTO)

The Hand also has some exclusives from Northampton stalwarts Edward Green, who have whipped up a couple of full-strap loafers for the retailer. The Montpellier is crafted on the 184 last with a flat welt and single leather soles. It’s available in a beautiful bronze antique calfskin…

edward green the hand montpellier bourbon shell cordovan

Edward Green x The Hand Montpellier in Bourbon Shell Cordovan: $1583 (GMTO)

…and a bold bourbon shell.

monroe boots bakers boots 19927 brogue captoe boot black veg tan

Monroe Boots x Baker’s Boots 19927 Brogue Captoe Boot in Black Veg Tan: $599

Another collaboration 19927 Boot from Monroe and Baker’s, this time in a veg tan leather in hand-dyed black. Coming in at 7 inches tall on the MB-03 last, this boot features a 270 veldtschoen construction with black Dr. Sole half soles.

truman boot java waxed flesh

Truman Boot Co. Java Waxed Flesh MTO: $410+

Ending tonight! This MTOpportunity brings back one of Truman’s most popular leathers, Java Waxed Flesh, with the ability to pick everything from the last to the toe style.

truman boot derby grey esmonda

Truman Boot Co. Derby in Grey Esmonda: $410

This combination-tanned Seidel leather is a similar tannage to their burly logger-style leathers, featuring a subtle glaze and great pull-up character. These derbies are crafted on Truman’s 55 last with a 270 flat welt and low-profile rubber soles.

truman boot upland moc toe snuff rambler

Truman Boot Co. Upland Moc Toe in Snuff Rambler: $530

Coming atcha in C.F. Stead’s Snuff Rambler, these tallboy moc toes are built on the 20 last with a 270 storm welt and Vibram honey lug soles.

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