While J.M. Weston makes many a tremendous shoe, including some of the finest pieces of ready-to-wear footwear available anywhere in the world, the 128-year-old French shoemaker’s bedrock is the Mocassin 180 loafer. The more casual version of that shoe is the J.M. Weston Le Moc’, a soft moccasin featuring Blake-stitched construction (making it more lightweight and flexible than the 180) and a sleek leather outsole studded with grippy rubber.

Introduced in 2015, the Le Moc’ just got updated with three new colors that reflect how the J.M. Weston braintrust continues to push at least a portion of the brand in more aggressively colorful directions.

This isn’t the first time—in past years they’ve done Le Moc’ makeups in things like a resounding aquamarine and an extremely red red. Compared to those, this lineup might even be considered humdrum, which is a word I just committed to using much more in everyday life.

JM Weston Le Moc Loafer In Camel NubuckThe camel nubuck is the least arresting and with a doubt most versatile leather of the trio. This one is— well, basically just a really nice normal shoe that goes with pretty much anything.JM Weston Le Moc Loafer In Blue NubuckThis one is also basically just a really nice normal shoe that goes with pretty much anything, if you are some cool offshoot of Tom Wolfe who only wears light blue. Honestly though, as a dedicated spring/summer shoe, I could see it having some range. You’ve just gotta be willing to go there. JM Weston Le Moc Loafer In Orange NubuckAnd finally, the orange nubuck Le Moc’ is also not afraid of being what it is. Which is orange. Perfect for Syracuse grads the world around. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda love these. And I didn’t even go to Syracuse.

All three shoes are available at J.M. Weston stores around the world (including the Manhattan shop featured in Stitchdown’s guide to the Best Men’s Shoe Stores in NYC), but as far as I can tell aren’t selling through any online retailers at the moment. I’ll certainly update if that changes.

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