What are generally considered to be the world’s finest handmade hiking boots have been made in Intervale New Hampshire since 1950 at the shop with “LIMMER & SONS” on the sign. Today, the shop still houses a bootmaking legacy dating back to 1919.

Two years ago, longtime Limmer Boots acolyte Chris Sawyer and Pete Limmer-trained bootmaker Adam Lane Olsen became the first non-Limmers to own the company. So I talked to them both on the Shoecast! About exactly how the wholly unique side-seam wholecut custom Limmer boots are made at the shop, everything you need to know the recently updated Limmer ready-to-wear line made over in Germany, how it took Adam and Chris a collective decade to convince Pete and Carl Limmer to transition the company over to them, and of course the complete history of Limmer dating all the way back to Bavaria.

And lederhosen. Ohhhh the lederhosen.

Give it a watch below!


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