We’re jumping headfirst into the boots this week, with some quite good Viberg 310s at Division Road, Russell’s contender for world’s coziest moccasins, Clinch engineers at East West Apparel, and a whole lot more in the latest: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week.

You can read as many roundups as your heart desires (provided that your heart doesn’t desire more than 150) here.

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Division Road x Viberg - 310 Service Boot - Brown Chromexcel

Division Road x Viberg 310 Service Boot in Horween Brown Chromexcel: $825

Viberg’s sprunged-up 310 is as unique and distinctive as boot lasts get. They don’t make a ton of Service Boots on it, so when it happens, it’s always something of a thing.

That said, some are just…better! We believe the best better on a 310 involves two major tenets: 1) a cap toe (brogued, straight, whatever) and 2) a half sole. There’s something about that formula that just makes that bumpy jagged toe just work.

And you basically never see that combo—but that’s exactly what we’ve got here. And man is it singing to us. Brown CXL has rarely looked better, and the all eyelets is the perfect finishing touch. From our perspective this is an immediate Viberg 310 classic.

Division Road x Viberg - 2020 Service Boot - Natural Chromexcel

Division Road x Viberg 2020 Service Boot in Horween Natural Chromexcel: $825

DR’s other new Service Boot goes with the always trustworthy unlined natural CXL on Viberg’s slightly more anatomical 2020 last and a subtly pinked toe cap. Another nice one!

Clinch Boots - Engineer - Horsehide

Clinch CN Last Soft Toe Engineer Boots in Brown Horsebutt: $2,012

Clinch Engineers are in stock at East West Apparel (if you’re a size 10 or 10.5). The boots in question are built on the regular CN last, not the CN Wide that you’ll often find on models built for the U.S., and clicked from overdyed European horsebutt, and hand welted to Biltrite half soles and heels. East West Apparel lowered the heel on this run by one lift (2-3mm), a heel hight they prefer with the unstructured toe. That big ol’ Clinch engineer heel is a trademark, but there’s zero question this also works.

Russell Moccasin - Oneida Shearling - Oil Tan, Shearling, and Bullhide

Russell Moccasin Co. Shearling Oneida Moccasin in Sheepskin and Chestnut Oil Tan: $425

This is coziness incarnate. The handsewn uppers are shearling lined Chestnut Oil-tan, with a Bullhide molded sole which also serves as the outsole.

Brogue x Alden - Hoppa - Walnut Vacalou Calf

Brouge x Alden Hoopa Indy Boots in Walnut Vacalou Calf: $670

Brogue’s Hoopa is a dressed-up Indy boot in somewhat shiny Walnut Vocalou Calf on a double leather sole and a 270˚ degree flat welt. Also really good! This is a damn good roundup so far, nice work everyone.

Brogue x Alden - Tourist Boots - Brown Alpine GrainBrouge x Alden Tourist Boots in Brown Scotch Grain: $665

Brouge also restocked their Tourist Boot in brown Scotch Grain, which is really made the point of focus by the minimal, plain toed upper pattern. The boot is 360˚ flat welted around the Barrie last on an Alden wedge sole.

Brick + Mortar Seattle x Alden - Brainbridge - Brown Chromexcel

Brick + Mortar x Alden “Brainbridge” Indy in Brown Chromexcel: $655

If there’s one thing I will do at every opportunity it’s plug an Indy shoe, and this week that comes in the form of the Brick + Mortar x Alden Brainbridge, which just got restocked. The specs are just what you’d expect: a nitrile cork sole, 270˚ stormwelt, and moc toe.

Oak Street Bootmaker - Lakeshore - Natural Horserump

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Lakeshore Boot in Natural Horse Rump: $576

Maryam’s natural horse rump has all of the ingredients of a appropriately patina-ready boot leather. There’s a reason natural horsebutt does well in the Dome, and Oak Street has just rolled it out for a limited edition of their brouged cap-toe lakeshore boot outfitted with Dr. Sole Supergrip half-soles and heels and a 270˚ flat welt.

Oak Street Bootmakers - Lakeshore - Minerva Liscio Castagno

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Lakeshore Boot in Minerva Liscio Castagno: $562

Lakeshore lovers rejoice! We’ve got a bonus Lakeshore this week, with the same brouged cap toe pattern and 270˚ flat welt this time on a Ridgeway sole and in Badalassi Carlo’s Liscio Castagno Minerva.

Rancourt - Dunnage - Black Cavalier

Rancourt Dunnage Boot in Black Calvalier: $428

Rancourt’s obviously most known for their handsewn moccasins, but their Goodyear welt capabilities are not to be slept on. The new Dunnage boot is a four eyelet/two speed hook split toe pattern. The uppers are black Cavalier, except for a sneaky color #8 shell cordovan panel at the top of the tongue which is stamped with the Rancourt logo, with a 360˚ storm welt and a lightweight Vibram unit lug sole adding some visual heft.

Truman - Moc Toe Upland Boot - British Tan Grizzly

Truman Boots Co. Upland Moc Toe in British Tan Grizzly: $490

Trumans Upland is nothing to mocc [crickets], and it’s back in in British Tan Grizzly, a warm shade and rugged leather developed for Truman by Seidel that places the 8″ moc toe in a clear work boot lineage. This take on the pattern offers a 270˚ storm welt along with a Vibram Christy wedge sole, as well as plenty of speed hooks to make getting the boot on and off easier in light of the shaft height.

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