Back in 2012, Zuriick was a clothing company in Salt Lake City, Utah. In an interview at the time, Zuriick co-founder Mike McCaleb described how they had been struggling to find a domestic company willing to make small runs of custom-designed boots. He recalled that his brother wore Nicks Boots as a firefighter, so he decided to reach out to Nicks to see if they’d be interested in collaborating. McCaleb designed the silhouettes, Nicks put the boots together, and their resulting collaboration was quite well-received, gaining a cult following in the years since then. 

nicks boots zuriick william

While Zuriick unfortunately seems to no longer exist today, Nicks Boots is still kickin’, and they’re taking a look back at this special collaboration by offering three of the original silhouettes—the William, the James, and the Merriman—in limited quantities.

nicks boots zuriick james

All three models are built to an 8 inch height with Horween’s black Chromexcel, but each pair is slightly different. The William has a Vibram 430 mini lug sole with a Brown CXL backstay. The James, meanwhile, has a Brown CXL backstay as well as a Brown CXL lineman patch, a black roughout heel counter, and a Vibram 100 full lug sole. (The James may or may not be the inspiration behind another collab, the Nicks x Rose Anvil ND1.) Finally, the Merriman is the wedge-soled sibling with a Tan Smooth backstay.

nicks boots zuriick merriman

Nicks is only offering 100 pairs of each model, so get ‘em while the getting’s good. Plus, for those of you who really dig this collab, you can buy all three for an even $1500 ($235 in savings). Discount applies at checkout.

Nicks x Zuriick 10 Year Anniversary Collection
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