#redwingwednesday isn’t just a hashtag—it’s a lifestyle. And while Alden is always challenging for the throne of Most Thriving Instagram-Borne Shoe-munity (see all the Aldengrammers you must follow right here), Red Wing may just own that top spot forever. The platform is loaded with people who take time out of their day, often every day (and sometimes 2-3 times per…god bless you), so you can enjoy their Red Wings, follow them on their travels, and watch them age beautifully.

Which I why I felt it beyond necessary to highlight 33 of my personal favorite Red Wing Instagrammers. Many of them I’ve been following basically forever, and some I got tipped off to while writing this story—by other incredible, noble, unflappable Red Wing Instagrammers, of course. Some have well earned huge followings; some deserve to, but don’t just yet. So here’s your chance to go out and support them, and bask in the love of one of the most reliable, wonderful boot brands to ever exist.

So, buckle up for Moc-Toes, and Iron Rangers, and Blacksmiths, and Beckmans, and Oxfords, and Lineman(s?), and oh so much more. And follow! Please don’t forget to follow.



When I began thinking a half-decade or so ago that I might need a pair of Iron Rangers, I found Johan Malik’s feed, and the deal was sealed. One of the OGs of the game, he whips denim-driven style, motorcycles, travel, beards (go beards!), and oh so many beautifully worn Red Wings into a wondrous soufflé that you can’t help but devour the entirety of, every time it’s served.



Another primordially early follow for me, Schuhgott more than anything represents possibility—what your boots can become, which in their hands, is limited only by imagination. Sure, that’s partially because so many of the boots the German cobbler repairs (and posts) are remarkably patina-rich examples of Red Wings that have lived a life worth telling stories of.

But what really got me is the creativity displayed in many of the boot transformations performed by Ingo Keller. Iron Rangers on wedge soles, Moc Toes suddenly sporting a leather heel stack, roofers with Gloxi-Cuts—it’s all there, from plenty of angles. Follow, and you’ll be tearing your current soles off in no time. Although you should maybe let them do it…



From the confines of Boot Hill, @boothunter posts photos of his own pretty insane collection—and gives back to the boot community at large by sharing photos of boot lovers the world over. While he’s also been into some pretty wonderful Tricker’s (although maybe not as much as this guy), especially recently, there is never a Red Wing shortage to be found on this feed.




One of the most intriguing, gregarious, unique people in the entire boot-shod universe, the man they call Albert gives as much back to the boot community as anyone out there. Most of his shots are either friends he’s made along the way, or documentations of what he’s up to on his property in upstate New York—and what he’s putting his Red Wings through (perhaps most notably, his Huntsmans above).



One of the many reasons we revere our Red Wings is their work heritage. And while any good Red Wing nut will beat his boots with abandon in everyday life, @wings_and_work is doing work in his round toes, moc toes, Iron Rangers, and more.



A most wonderful feed that constantly delivers on its name’s promise in all sorts of settings—expect hatchets! While it’s a very tough call, it’s completely possible that my personal favorites from an impressive boot collection are his 8126 and 8127 Brogue Ranger wingtips, which almost look alien when new—and become absolutely astounding when worn in.



Red Wing is Minnesota, Minnesota is Red Wing, and Tim posts amazing pictures of his Red Wings…mostly from Minnesota. It all makes sense. The collection is deep, and the photos are beautiful—I always love the ones of his wife and daughters’ Red Wings. And his own astounding blue abilene oxfords.



An Irishman in Germany who is in no way affiliated with the Canadian city that’s home to the Maple Leafs (I think…), Carl almost exclusively rocks/posts Red Wings, and shoots them and his denim-heavy workwear aesthetic with wonderful, gritty panache. He just scored a pair of amber harness (the Iron Ranger 8111’s leather) 8058 Foreman oxfords which I absolutely love. In case you can’t tell, I’ve got a thing for Red Wing oxfords! Now to just find the right pair…



One of the many things I love about Victoria: she’s not a dude! Obviously I have zero problem following, enjoying, and co-signing male-driven shoe accounts, but it’s so cool to see a woman who wears an incredibly rugged collection of boots as hard as Vic does—including White’s, Viberg, and all sorts of Asian brands you’ll likely never, ever get your hands on, which will presumably upset you as much as it does me. But I’ll forgive her, because her photography is wonderful.



If you want to see some lovingly abused Red Wings, Yona has got what you crave. Coming at you straight from Tel Aviv, he masterfully shoots an excellent collection of Wings—and also denim, which is every bit as worn as the boots.





Daniel’s got style for miles, some unreal rare Red Wings, and the ultimate #stitchdownbootpile, all of which you’ll be thrilled to have fill up your feed.



Of all the many, many people on Instagram who push me (and so many others) to push their style game harder, Jens may push the hardest. The guy can dress with the best of them, and his Red Wings are always along for the ride.



Jae’s photos often boast deeply interesting composition, and he’s another Red Wing nut that spends a ton of time on the rest of his outfits as well. And his socks. I realize these days it’s hard to find a great Red Wing instagrammer who doesn’t have great socks, but Jae…Jae has very great socks.



So many of the Red Wing Heritage stores across the globe have fantastic accounts of their own, but Red Wing Japan pours a potent cocktail of artistry shaken with jealousy-inducing, not-available-in-the-US makeups.



Brandon doesn’t even post Red Wings all that often—you’ll also see some excellent boots from Truman, and Thursday, and Alden, amongst others—but he’s on this list because his outdoors-driven photography is straight up some of the best on the platform, on any topic. When I first got on Instagram like 100 years ago, I asked friends who I should follow. Brandon’s account is one of the few I still do.



I mean, Mike is Lord of the Red Wings—how could I not include him? Luckily his feed is as excellent as his boots (and name).



Jane makes clothes and bags. Jane makes music. But most of all, Jane makes me jealous of her Red Wing collection.



King has a triumvirate pattern to his posts: jacket, pants, boots/shoes—most of the time, Red Wings. His collection is as varied and just plain fun as any I’ve found: indigo roughout Irish Setter 8173s, Red Wing x Nigel Cabourn 8163s, and so much more.




Honestly, this one’s worth following for the 8823s above alone. And the dope Mini. And the cat.




A nicely varied Red Wing collection, excellently simple photography, and the occasional dope German car. Also, a mansard roof is defined as a roof which has four sloping sides, each of which becomes steeper halfway down. You came here to learn!




He’s got some excellently worn Iron Rangers and Blacksmiths, but an even better reason to follow Patrick is because of his noble mission of highlighting emerging, largely low-production companies, with the goal of “creating a unique place for small companies and crafters to connect with potential customers in the sustainable fashion world.” That’s something we all should be able to get behind.




New York Times photographer by day, Red Wing wearer/raw denim maestro also by day (and presumably by night) Sonny will welcome you into his uniquely interesting work world every day with unsurprisingly beautiful kit-photos.




Another Red Wing nut who actually uses her work boots for work-work (she’s a drywall finisher) and posts shots from worksites regularly, Roxanne also has the benefit of living in Honolulu, which gives her a natural backdrop—and presumably raw happiness!—advantage over basically everyone else in the world.




You’re telling me you don’t want a piece of this? Of course you want a piece of this.



Another repair shop (this one in Osaka) that documents full, often astounding restorations, rebuilds, and transformations through multiple photos, and clearly has no end to its creativity. Sure, anything you can dream up, they can probably do…but you need to figure out what to dream about first. This is the place to do that figuring.



The feed is far from 100% Red Wings, but I’m all for keeping things varied in my own—so when you get the chance to see the combination of the boots and the opportunity to see a professor from the Twin Cities smoking cigars, cooking astounding meals, gardening, and all sorts of other fun stuff, you take it.



Matt is far from a Red Wing-only guy (check out his Ostmos), but he’s one of my favorite bootographers period, and will happily take you on a journey with his beautiful black-boot archetype 9060 Beckman flatboxes.



Straight out of denim-mad Sweden, Johannes has established himself as one of the very best at standing in front of shipping containers, and walls, and more shipping containers. It’s a rare and underrated skill!



Shawn’s feed artfully tours you through the natural wonders of New York’s Hudson Valley, and his impressively beaten Red Wing collection is always along for the right.



Lot of fun boots in this feed, but I personally started following for his new 8143s, which you just don’t see enough of.



It’s criminal that this account only has 117 followers. Help change that.




Michael’s also got some excellent Trumans, but his Red Wing game is, as proven above, very strong.



Wait, you seriously don’t follow this?????

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