Tricker’s was built on tramping, or, the act of taking long walks through the country (something that should never be confused with Lady and the Tramping, which only takes place in darkened alleyways when amply long spaghetti is available).

For their 190th anniversary, Tricker’s just released a special Cruiser Tramping Boot in two colors, brown and black. The boot’s plain toe and complete lack of brogueing quite effectively sets it apart from Tricker’s core Stow boots, and as much as I love Tricker’s consistent boldness—with brogue detailing of course, but also outsole choices and leather colors and so much more—there’s something to be said for a sneaky pair of Tricker’s. These certainly qualify.

Tricker's Tramping Boots Brown

I love how the brown model deploys a smooth leather for the vamp, and a more pebble-grain leather for everything else, which provides a nice subtle contrast. Other things to love: the v-stitch running up the back of the boot, and the classic Tricker’s pull loop that provides function, but isn’t all big and bulky and maniacally grabbing onto your pants the whole time.

All that said, there are two issues with these. 1) The leather sole, which I realize is what ye olde country trampers used to tramp around in, but isn’t completely ideal for their intended use given that Dainite and commando and other leather soles exist 190 years later. And 2) the $670 price tag, which is undercuts Tricker’s consistent proposition as an excellent value shoe/boot closer to $500. (Which may be a factor of their exclusivity to Mr. Porter, which always seems to find ways to exceed MSRP, although they do tend to go on sale eventually…)

Tricker's Tramping Boots Brown

Those two things aside, this is the kind of brown boot that over time turns into something that seems like it’s from a wonderful alternate universe, where no shoe brands exist and everyone just rocks beautifully worn plain-toe brown boots their entire lives. I’ve found that pair in my beloved Alden Roys, but if I didn’t already have those, these would be in the running.

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