Tricker’s is among of the world’s most trustworthy quality shoemakers. The plain toe derby is one of the most classic and versatile shoe styles that’s ever existed. Shell cordovan is the ultimate leather. And $650 is a seriously nice price for those three things bundled together.

Miloh Trickers Shell Cordovan Robert Derby

Vancouver’s Miloh Shop just announced a pre-order on two ever-so-differentiated makeups of Tricker’s Robert black shell cordovan derby in the 2298 last: one with brass eyelets (which I’m personally a little partial to), and another whose blind eyelets lend it a slightly more formal look.

I also love how the natural leather midsole offsets the black cordovan/black Dainite sole. This shoe is about as far from a design revolution as you can get; instead, it’s an endlessly wearable Goodyear welted beast that’s built to last essentially as long as you are—especially with the cordovan.

Trickers Black Calf Robert Derby Sole

Being all Canadian, Miloh sells in the dollars from that particular country, and the shoe’s listed at $865 of them, which translates to $646 USD (half due now, half when the shoe’s done in about 16 weeks)—also known as a remarkable deal on a shoe of this build quality with this leather.

Miloh Trickers Black Calf Robert Derby

They’re also offering those same two eyelet-differentiated makeups in black calf for just under $500 USD (shown above with the brass), but for the extra $150, that crease-despising cordovan shoe—something you generally can’t get for less than $800 or so from anyone, often much much higher—is the real long-term move here.

Get ’em!
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