Viberg’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection premiered last month, and they’ve just added a second dose of seasonal models to their rainforest-inspired roster. 

While this second drop is a bit smaller than Viberg’s initial salvo for AW22, we’re personally even more excited about these latest models. Ever since we spoke to Ed Gallun of Gallun Leathers this past summer, we’ve been patiently waiting to see what Viberg was going to cook up with this reborn tannery’s leather. This partnership has finally borne fruit in the form of Gallun’s Viking Calf making a return to the scene.

Viberg has also continued to showcase leathers from British super-tannery C.F. Stead, plus some new ones here from Italy’s Conceria Maryam. Check out some of our favorites in this new batch below…

viberg rockland blucher brandy viking calf

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Brandy Viking Calf: $800

One of the classic Gallun leathers that Ed Gallun managed to resurrect is Viking Calf: a very cool and interesting, waxy, far more rugged and less delicate calfskin than you’ll usually find. The Viking calf features a fair bit of pullup, and is able to take shine (or a beating) quite well. Here you can find it on Viberg’s new Rockland Blucher, built on the 2030 last with a 360 storm welt and leather soles…

viberg chelsea brandy viking calf

Viberg Chelsea in Brandy Viking Calf: $980

…and on these elegant wholecut chelseas, also 2030-lasted, also equipped with storm welts and leather soles. Nice stuff.

viberg service boot in salvia sego horsebutt

Viberg Service Boot in Salvia Sego Horsebutt: $845

Maryam joins the AW22 lineup in the form of Rovescio Sego Horsebutt—a veg-tanned article, imbued with a heavy concentration of oils and waxes on the flesh side which provides a soft temper. This green Salvia Service Boot is crafted on the 2030 last with eight gunmetal eyelets, a brogue cap toe, stitchdown construction, and Dainite studded rubber soles.

viberg service boot in marrone sego horsebutt

Viberg Service Boot in Marrone Sego Horsebutt: $845

This red-brown Marrone Service Boot gets antique brass eyes and hooks for hardware. It also comes on the 2030 last with a brogue cap toe, stitchdown construction, and Dainite soles.

viberg pachena bay husk oiled culatta

Viberg Pachena Bay in Husk Oiled Culatta: $835

C.F. Stead’s Husk Oiled Culatta steerhide makes its way to the Pachena Bay hiking boot. Built on the 240 last, the Pachena Bay features a layer of Thinsulate lining, a 360 storm welt, and Goodyear commando soles.

viberg pachena bay clove waxy kudu

Viberg Pachena Bay in Clove Waxy Kudu: $835

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, perhaps this Clove Waxy Kudu is more up your alley. This model also comes on the 240 last and with Goodyear soles, but with a stitchdown construction.

viberg halkett whiskey regency calf

Viberg Halkett Boot in Whiskey Regency Calf: $825

This C.F. Stead waxy calfskin seems perfectly suited for Viberg’s refined Halkett derby boot. Made on the 2020 last, this Halkett has a 270 flat welt and Ridgeway rubber soles.

viberg rockland blucher parisian brown janus suede

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Parisian Brown Janus Suede: $755

Alright, this one isn’t technically part of Drop 2—it’s an online-exclusive model that appeared at the end of last week—but we’re highlighting it here anyways because it looks damn good. More Rocklands with brogue cap toes is a pretty darn solid idea.

Viberg Autumn/Winter 2022 Drop 2
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