Apparently I spoke too soon last week, because the brands definitely proved me wrong. This time we’ve got a whole bunch of new boots, including a very cool service boot from Japan’s Motor, two brand new Nicks models, and a huge discount on a bunch of Rancourt moccasins, all in time for this weeks: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]



Moto Leather - New Vintage Service Boot - Italian Horsehide

Motor New Vintage Service Boots in #1020 Italian Horsebutt: $634

Motor’s boots are absolutely sculptural, and the sleeked-up last on this “New Vintage” version of their Service Boots turned that up to 11, with a sculpted insole intended to position the center of gravity above the arch. The uppers are vegetable tanned horsehide, with darker, burnished toes and heels. The edge dye on the woodsman heel, 270˚ flat welt, and leather sole is a matte black that matches the burnishing. While they’re still hard to get in the States, we’re really hoping to see more of them.

Nicks Boots - MH64 - Seidel Black Roughout

Nicks Makers Collection MH64 Seidel Roughout: $539 (Made to Order)

For every month of their 60th anniversary, Nicks is releasing a special makeup designed by one of their bootmakers. This week, it’s Micah Hughes MH64, which is designed to bridge the gap between sneaker and boot. The combination of Seidel roughout, single row stitchdown, and Vibram Christy wedge sell the mashup visually, but Nicks’ hefty construction means these can still take more of a beating than most full height boots. The last detail: the top eyelet is brass, while the bottom five are black.

Guarded Goods x Nicks - Archer - Italian Brown Horsebutt

Guarded Goods x Nicks Archer in Italian Brown Cypress: $624 (Made to Order)

Guarded Goods just launched their first ever collab with Nicks, and they nailed it. It’s a 6″ HNW model in Italian brown cypress with a new (to Nicks) five eyelet, three speedhook hardware configuration, with a Vibram V-Bar outsole. The Guarded Goods modifications? The laces are a lighter chestnut steerhide GGs and the black roughout tongue is alllll (Guarded Goods founder and Esteemed Thunderdome Judge) Jesse. Great work bud!

Division Road x Viberg Sneaker CF SteadDivision Road x Viberg Sneaker in C.F. Stead Camel Oiled Calf & Bison Calf Suede: $625

Viberg isn’t turning into a sneaker company anytime soon, but this patina-prepared iteration is one of the best we’ve seen.

Division Road x Viberg Sneaker CF Stead

Division Road x Viberg Sneaker in C.F. Stead Charcoal Phoenix & Milkshake Calf Suede: $625

Another Stead-driven grain/suede combo has a TON of pop—although expect that milkshake suede to gradually get darker with wear for sure.

Meermin - Chelsea - Waxy Tobacco Shell

Meermin Chelsea Boot in Tobacco Waxy Shell Cordovan: $356

Meermin generally delivers quality at prices somewhere between very solid and shocking, and these shell Chelseas are in the latter category. The default width on these is an E, so our narrow-footed friends should give sizing some extra thought. They’re built with a 360˚ split welt and commando sole using Meermin “Ultraflex System”, designed for increased flexibility.

Meermin - Service Boot - Tobacco Waxy Shell

Meermin Service Boot in Tobacco Waxy Shell Cordovan: $356

Stomach too weak for gore? There’s also a cap-toed service boot in the same tobacco waxy shell, this time with a unit sole and four speedhooks.

Rancourt - Pinch Penny Loafer - Carolina Brown CXL

Rancourt Pinch Penny Moc in Carolina Brown Chromexcel: $180 (Pre-Order)

Rancourt is slashing prices to wholesale levels for preorders on a wide variety of models. Including these camp soled Pinch Penny Mocs in Chromexcel which are a full hundred and eight dollars off…

Rancourt - Pinch Penny Loafer - Carolina Brown CXL

Rancourt Beefroll Penny Loafers LH in Carolina Brown Chromexcel: $210 (Pre-Order)

…or the full bore beefroll version with a bouncy Lactae Hevea outsole…

Rancourt - Dunnage Boot - Black Cavalier

Rancourt Dunnage Boot in Black Cavalier: $294 (Pre-Order)

…or the new Dunnage Boot model, a split-toed welted boot in black cavalier with a unit lug outsole and fun shell cordovan patch on the tongue…

Rancourt Ranger Moc Carolina Brown

Rancourt Ranger Moc in Carolina Brown Chromexcel: $180 (Pre-Order)

…and then of course, perhaps Rancourt’s most essential shoe, the classic four-eyelet Ranger Moc in Horween CXL on a camp sole. Camp go wrong with this one!! (The shoes, not the “joke”).

Brogue x Alden - Ebisu - Black Calf

Brogue x Alden Ebisu NST Blucher in Black Calf: $715

Brouge has been cranking out top notch Alden makeups, and this week we get two. The Ebisu NST is a Tremont-lasted split toe blucher with just the right amount of heft and some seriously shiny black calf. They’re blacked out from the five eyelets to the double oiled leather soles, and held together with a 270˚ flat welt.

Brogue x Alden - 5ZP Army Boot - Burgundy Calf

Brogue x Alden 5ZP Army Boots in Burgundy: $698

Despite being called Army boots, their new 5ZP is built on the Trubalance last (not the 379x military last), but we wont hold that against it. It’s a clean, perforated cap toe boot in Burgundy calf.

Russell Moccasin - Zephyr - Pecos Chamois

Russell Moccasin Zephyr in Pecos Chamois: $695 (Made to Order)

Russell’s double vamp, rear-zip Zephyr model is billed as taking you from the job site to client meetings, and this new Pecos Chamois version with a gumlite outsole certainly looks the part.

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