January and February can be molasses slow for retail, but despite the tight roundup this week’s drops are molasses sweet too. We’ve got a triple header from Leffot and Alden, some chunky Trickers on Gloxi Cut outsoles, and new stitchdown MP from White’s in this weeks: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of this, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Division Road x Viberg Service Boot—Horween English Tan Cypress

Division Road x Viberg Service Boot in English Tan Cypress: $835

DR has made excellent use of Horween’s combo-tanned, excellently oily Cypress tannage on two Viberg Service Boots—first up, the English Tan, 2020-lasted iteration with a pinked cap toe, 9 eyelets, and the rarely seen Dainite half-sole.

Division Road x Viberg Service Boot—Horween Nut Brown Cypress

Division Road x Viberg Service Boot in Brown Nut Cypress: $825

Then we’ve got the same Cypress tannage in Horween’s Brown Nut shade, on a slighly more classic plain-toe Service Boot on Viberg’s 2030 last, with the bigger eyelets and a Ridgeway sole. Two very pure Vibergs here, fine work all.

White's Boots - CMP Sherman - Natural Double Shot

White’s CMP Sherman in Natural Double Shot: $625

In order to keep the boots flowing in the face of an ongoing bootmaker shortage (and the long training process to produce bootmakers ready to bottom, the primary bottleneck), White’s has been steadily expanding their machine stitchdown line of Heritage models, which for the first time ever includes an MP. The CMP-Sherman is a 5050-lasted MP with a commando half sole and block heel. The cap-toe pattern has six-eyelet/three-speedhook hardware setup with one of the eyelets placed above the hook to let you cinch things down tight. They’re available in Seidel Natural Double Shot…

White's Boots - CMP Sherman - Black Double Shot

White’s CMP Sherman in Black Double Shot: $625

…three darker shades of Double shot (including this black)…

White's Boots - CMP Sherman - Cinnamon Waxed Flesh

White’s CMP Sherman in Cinnamon Waxed Flesh: $625

…and Cinnamon Horween Waxed Flesh.

Leffot x Alden - Indy - Humus Suede

Leffot x Alden Indy Boot in Humus Suede: $690

If you’re still riding the high of Dial of Destiny, Leffot decided to make your Indys even more comfortable thanks to bouncy natural crepe outsoles with a leather insert stitched and tacked on at the toe. The welt is a split reverse with medium brown stitching, and the uppers are humus suede paired with tonal brown hardware.

Leffot x Alden - Indy - Kudu

Leffot x Alden Indy Boot in Kudu: $700 (Preorder)

If you’re in more of a pseudo-archeological tomb raiding sort of mood (and you can wait till this summer for to do it) the other new Leffot Indy is about as rugged as they come. The uppers are waxy Kudu, outfitted with a contrasting apron stitch and brass eyelets, 360˚ split welted on a lug sole.

Leffot x Alden - Tassel Loafer - Color 8 Shell

Leffot x Alden Tassel Loafer in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $930 (Preorder)

Not planning to get your shoes muddy in a collapsing temple? The last (Aberdeen, in this case) of the Leffot trio this week will seriously impress your fellow bankers/friends who just appreciate that tassel loafers can be worn by people who are NOT bankers these days. They’re decked out in Horween color 8 shell uppers and tassels for a loafer that almost passes for monochrome against the black edge dye on the 270˚ flat welt and single leather sole.

Haven x Trickers - Monkey Boot - Black Hydra

Haven x Trickers Monkey Boots in Black Hydra: $823

Haven has collaborated with Tricker’s on two murdered-out models with mondo-chunky Vibram Gloxi Cut soles. The first of the pair of pairs are Monkey Boots in waxy black hydra leather, with a 360˚ storm welt and pebbled tongues.

Haven x Trickers - Tromping Shoe - Black Hydra

Haven x Trickers Tramping Shoes in Black Hydra: $751

Dropping simultaneously are a pair of Tramping Shoes with near identical specs, right down to the upper, tongues, welt, and Gloxi Cut outsoles.

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