Viberg’s an ever-changing beast—which is exactly what Brett and I talked about on the most recent Shoecast episode. And while the Canadian super-brand’s first release of 2021 flashes signs of what’s may be to come later in the year and beyond—including a balmoral oxford and the new Halkett boot—the drop also included three very fine examples of Viberg’s iconic Service Boot that confirm that the Viberg you may well love isn’t going anywhere just yet. And they just happen to be my favorites. Maybe I’m the one who’s stuck (although some of the oxfords upcoming later this year honestly really intrigue me).

Viberg Service Boot Maryam Rovescio Sego Waxed Horsebutt

1071 Maryam Rovescio Sego Waxed Horsebutt Roughout

First up, the a brogue captoe 2030-last makeup in 1071 Rovescio Sego Roughout. Brett says it’s “waxed horsebutt on the shell/flesh side, so it’s got highs and lows,” and he couldn’t be more right.

I picked up a pair of a very similar boot in a less widly textured 1071 nubuck at the Viberg sample sale back when people could congregate in public. Blind eyelets, but otherwise just this perfect boot that struck me and then…didn’t fit right.

They found a very good home with my buddy Allen, and I’ve been lucky enough to follow along in their aging journey, which has been depressing and uplifting all at once. The grey shade really starts to turn into more of a mystical brown over time, and damn is it good. Check out the photo of my once-boots below. I’m unsure if these will do the exact same thing, but I’ve got a hunch that whatever happens, it’ll be quite good.


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Viberg Service Boot Shinki Color 4 Oiled Horsebutt

Color 4 Oiled Shinki Horsebutt

I mean these things are just out of control. Viberg makeup masters Division Road did their Shelby boot in this leather in 2019, and it’s among the best I’ve seen—even the very discerning Mr. Style likes them! But even though this is a more down-the-line makeup than the Shelby, I personally prefer the look of the Dainite to the leather sole; it’s simple but just works with oiled Shinki Hikaku leather really well.

Viberg Service Boot Shinki Black Horsebutt

Black Shinki Horsebutt

I don’t even necessarily like black boots—until I really do (I mean, I like these, that’s for sure). These, I like. A lot. I love how the raw edge peeks out from the full blackout look, and this stuff will only get better with wear. As Brett said on the Shoecast, Shinki leathers are his favorite because they “just look really fucking good” on his boots. He’s onto something there. 2030 + Dainite here too.

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