For four days in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Viberg sample sale is the epicenter of the True Boot Believers universe. Viberg ships out more than 800 pairs of unsold stock, samples, seconds, and one-off, just-tinkering-around-projects from their factory in Victoria, British Columbia—and Viberg devotees flock from all across the country to score rare deals (in rare shell cordovan colors, if they’re lucky).

Yes, people camped out the night before to snag a top spot in line. Yes, multiple people walked out with multiple Ikea bags completely full of service boots, engineers, derby shoes, slippers, and Viberg’s new sneakers. Yes, despite the threat of rain, people showed up wearing their best stuff—Viberg and otherwise.

My ace photographer Stefen Ross (who I strongly recommend you follow at @_stefenross_) and I showed up bright and early on a chilly Thursday morning, before the doors were swung open and the hordes descended (there’s definitely scramble right at the beginning, but Viberg crew actually does an excellent job of crowd control and keeping everyone chill at this thing).

And we did exactly what everyone else on line was doing: talk to people about boots, denim, and because they’re very important, Nicholas Cage movies—and also take some pictures.

The sale continues through this coming Sunday 5/12 at 40 Ludlow St, and Viberg will constantly be restocking the tables with fresh footwear. 

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Rick, Chicago

Instagram: @ethsyd2409

Stitchdown: Did you come out just for this?

Rick: Yep. We make a little trip of it, it’s New York, it’s fun, so we’re here for a few days. This year I came for the MTO beforehand, so I can be one of the first in line, and it’s fun to do an MTO.

Stitchdown: What did you MTO?

Rick: I got a pair of smoke reverse kudu slippers with a natural midsole and a mini-ripple sole. I like the color scheme of those, so that’s what i got.

Stitchdown: How many pairs of Vibergs do you own?

Rick: Nine

Stitchdown: What your favorite?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Rick: That’s tough. Hmmm. I’d say probably…hmm. I’ve got a pair of petrol reverse chamois from Brooklyn Clothing in a 2030 last stitchdown with a mini ripple sole. I really like those. And I’ve got a pair of black scuffed shell stitchdown in a 1035 last, which I really like too. Oh! Actually, I’ve got a mushroom reverse chamois derby on an all-leather natural sole, unlined with a 270-degree storm welt, which is very rare, never been made before.

Stitchdown: You should wear those without socks.

Rick: Oh I do.

Stitchdown: Was that an MTO?

Rick: No, that was a pickup last year at the sample sale.

Stitchdown: What’s the denim?

Rick: These are PBJ AI 19s from Pure Blue Japan. The really cool thing about these is that beside their loose tension is that they don’t bleed. Tare for a pair of unsanforized dyed denim to not bleed. They hold their indigo dye. I don’t know how! But they do. So I can wear these with anything and they don’t bleed—I have a lot of suede Aldens too. They’re great, I love ’em.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What else do you have? What’s the big total number on your collection?

Rick: I probably have 50 pair of shoes. I’ve probably got 15 Aldens. Some of my favorites are an Aberdeen last tobacco reverse chamois. A hand-stitched U-tip. My rarest pair is cigar shell Daytripper boots on a commando sole. Oh and ravello shortwing boots from the Shoe Mart on a leather sole. And a pair of whiskey longwing bluchers. Yeah.

Stitchdown: You could be doing worse.

Rick: And I’m forgetting some stuff too. So, you know.


Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Matt, Rutherford, NJ

Instagram: @shibooee

Stitchdown: How many pairs of Vibergs do you have?

Matt: I think right now…right now I only have three pairs.

Stitchdown: How many have you had?

Matt: At least 10. I sold a bunch. I keep them in rotation. They all found good homes. I don’t like to keep too much stuff, because what’s the point of having it if you never wear it. I like to wear them in, and break them in, and make them look all crazy. I had a bunch of 2030 lasts and I found that doesn’t fit my foot, so I got rid of all my 2030 stuff. And I switched out to 2045, 2040, and 1035.

Stitchdown: Which are these?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Matt: These are the 3Sixteen collaboration, aged bark roughout with the mini-ripple sole. The only thing with these—you can see on the back. This is only a year and a half of wear, and they’re ready.

Stitchdown: Hey, they don’t call it mini for nothing. What else have you got on?

Matt: Naked and Famous kaiju monster selvedge—these are my most worn in pair. I got them when they first came out, January 2017. I took these to Canada, I hiked in them, I like fell down a mountain in them, so the back got all scraped up. This is 3Sixteen heavyweight flannel, and then Brave Star brown selvedge jacket or something like that. But this is pretty cool. I like the way it’s fading, I just got it and it’s starting to get these little electric fades already.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: And you don’t wash it?

Matt: Nah, I don’t wash anything. I washed these jeans like three times since I’ve had them, I try not to wash anything.

Stitchdown: If you had to ask Brett Viberg one question, what would it be?

Matt: What’s up with the trendy chunky sneakers, like the Kanye West-looking sneakers. What’s he trying to do there? They look ok but I guess he’s trying to go after a whole new market.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: And the camera bag?

Matt: It’s Bleu de Chauff, all handmade out of full grain veg tanned leather. And it perfectly fits my camera with two extra lenses and my mini tripod on top. It’s that quality French artisan crap. So you know it’s good.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Most important question: What’s your favorite Nic Cage movie?

Matt: Nic Cage! Gone in 60 Seconds. I’m a car guy. What’s that one where they’re on the island, the prison island?

Stitchdown: The Rock.

Matt: Yeah yeah. That was him. That was pretty good too.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Bryan, Chicago

Instagram: @brydrumgood

Stitchdown: Did you come to New York just for Viberg sample sale?

Bryan: Yep, first time. I’ve heard the stories from previous years, and I guess you can call it FOMO. It always seems like a good time. I’m here for the boots, but I’m here for meeting people, really.

Stitchdown: You big into Viberg?

Bryan: I don’t know if I’d say big into them. If you asked me what the quintessential service boot is, I’d say Viberg. I own one pair. Maybe more after today.

Stitchdown: What are you wearing now?

Bryan: Rider Boot Company, out of Virginia.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Kudu? You like ’em?

Bryan: Yep, kudu. They’re Blake rapid, solid boot. I’ve got a couple pairs from them. Their owner Ron is a spectacular dude. A bunch of us are from the Goodyear Welt Reddit community, and he’s always active on there. He’s a solid customer service guy who will always go above and beyond, which goes a long way—and he makes some good looking boot.

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite boot that you own?

Bryan: I’ve got a brown CXL Norwegian split toe from Alden that is probably my favorite.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What’s your ultimate grail boot?

Bryan: The Viberg olive chromepack that they did with…who’d they do that with? I’m not sure. They released it earlier in their company history, and they have not done an olive Chromepack since. So yeah, if I could track one of those down, that would be great.

Stitchdown: How long would you wait in line for a pair of Vibergs?

Bryan: Apparently three and a half hours, minimum. I’ve been here since 7am.

Stitchdown: What’s the high end?

Bryan: Maybe five? I mean, we brought chairs, you know?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Anything else you’re wearing that you want to mention?

Bryan: Naked & Famous denim, man. They call it the entry level selvedge, but it’s pretty much all I have.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Billy, Annapolis

Instagram: @scubajose

Stitchdown: Are you a Viberg guy?

Billy: Honestly I’ve only had one pair, which didn’t fit well. So I’m looking to find a pair that actually fits me.

Stitchdown: What else are you into with shoes?

Billy: I’m wearing Joe Works. They’re fantastic. I’ve got St. Crispin, Gazianos, Enzo Bonafé.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: So you’re more of a shoe guy than a boot guy?

Billy: Oh yeah, mostly shoes. I have to dress up a lot for work, so dress shoes. But looking to grab a few more workboot-type pairs, something to wear on the weekends, especially.

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite pair that you own?

Billy: Oh god that’s a tough question. Honestly probably my Enzo Bonafé stingray wholecuts. They’re fantastic. I think the Gazianos are a really close second. Their Chelsea boots are the best Chelsea pattern ever.

Stitchdown: What’s your ultimate grail shoe?

Billy: A pair of Hiros, probably. Hiro Yanagimachi. They seem really cool. They’re just soooo far up there in price, where I’m like…maybe one day.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite Nic Cage movie?

Billy: I almost feel like it has to be Con Air.

Stitchdown: Correct. Anything else you’re wearing that you want to shout out?

Billy: The jacket is…I can never fricking pronounce the name. Nema…nema, nemay…I don’t know. Nanamica! Japanese brand. Lot harder to say than Joe Works, which is also a Japanese brand.

Stitchdown: Yeah he made it easy for us.

Billy: Yeah, exactly.



Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Mike, Asheville

Instagram: @sleepauger

Stitchdown: What brings you to the Viberg sample sale? Are you a Viberg nut?

Mike: No, I’ve actually never owned them or wore a pair of anything. Might as well. I’ve got Alden, Nick’s, Crockett & Jones, Tricker’s, Rider, which I’m wearing today. They’re made in Italy by Cortina. Ron Rider seems like a cool guy.  

Stitchdown: Is there anything in particular you’re hoping to get?

Mike: Man, I’m just shooting from the hip. I’m not sweating it. I know a lot of people are getting really specific and they’re going to be disappointed. I’m going to find something that’s cool, and I’m fine with that.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Anything else cool you’re wearing?

Mike: I’ve got some Iron Heart jeans on. This type one denim jacket is some little Japanese company called Paranoid that I think fades pretty cool.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite overall pair of shoes that you own?

Mike: I have a really cool pair of engineer boots that were made by Ace Boot Company in Orange County, California, and I had them rebuilt by Santa Rosa. Zip Stevenson is a guy who’s big into vintage engineer boots, and he revitalized the Santa Rosa engineer boot brand, they were a defunct brand.

Stitchdown: What about grail boot?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Mike: Probably an Alden ravello shell Indy on the Plaza last. That’s a very specific grail boot.

Stitchdown: If you could ask Brett Viberg one question, what would it be?

Mike: How come he gave up on his acting career?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Sam, New York

Stitchdown: Which Vibergs are these?

Sam: They’re from the sample sale last year or two years ago, I can’t remember. Chromexcel, I think. I believe so. Just brown plain toe. They came on a leather sole and I changed them out recently for the Dainite. These are probably top three pairs that I have. Guarded Goods laces. 

Stitchdown: How many pairs of Vibergs do you have?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Sam: I’ve got close to 10 pairs now, so, quite a few. Shit ton of service boots, I like the slippers a lot, pair of derby shoes, pair of Chelseas, shit ton of more service boots. That’s about it.

Stitchdown: What else are you into specifically?

Sam: Shoes of all kind, boots of all kind. I’ve probably got 30 to 40, maybe. Probably wear 15, need to sell another 10-15. Viberg, Alden, Crockett & Jones, Carmina, got ’em all. Little bit of everything.

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite?

Sam: Probably everything Viberg. Now that I’m working in a casual environment I don’t wear any of my nice shoes anymore. Couple pairs of Truman. I like Alden too. Can’t go wrong.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What is your grail boot or shoe?

Sam: Probably something in shell from Viberg, or the Galway from Edward Green. Just fucking money, man.

Stitchdown: If you could ask Brett Viberg one question, what would it be?

Sam: Eh, can I have a free pair of shell service boots?

Stitchdown: He always says yes to that.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Sam: Ok how about this: How has he felt such a strong brand and community around the company? I feel like they have the most unique cult following of any shoe company, and possibly even clothing company too. I’m sure it’s not accident that this is what it is.

Stitchdown: Anything else that you’re wearing that you want to shout out?

Sam: Ehhh, it’s a lot of Reddit hype brands, really. Pants are Epaulet. But 3Sixteen, Falcon Garments—this is all just Reddit clothes.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Joseph, New Orleans

Stitchdown: You’re at the Viberg sample sale in some very nice Vibergs. What are they?

Joseph: Color 4 shell Vibergs service boots.

Stitchdown: How many pair of shoes do you own?

Joseph: Probably close to 20 now. Not all Viberg. Little bit of Alden still.

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Joseph: I have a pair of bourbon shell Vibergs, and I have a pair of brandy shell that I just got recently, it was sitting in someone’s closet. Unworn. As soon as I saw it on eBay, boom, ordered.

Stitchdown: What’s your ultimate grail boot or shoe?

Joseph: Probably something really similar, natural shell from Viberg. I mean, if I could get like a whiskey shell Alden Indy or something like that, you know. I bought a lot, and then sold a lot, and then bought more. I just went through the sample sale and didn’t really see anything I like, so, you know. I’m pretty content with what I’ve got now.

Stitchdown: You realize nobody says that, right?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Joseph: I mean there’s always something that gets you excited, but I do have a lot, and I’ve gotten to the point where a lot of time goes by before a pair gets worn, so I’m chilling out on buying things. Plus the wife is like, why do you have all these shoes.

Stitchdown: Favorite Nic Cage movie?

Joseph: The Rock, I guess? But I’m not much of a Nic Cage fan.

Stitchdown: That’s insane.

Joseph: If you asked my wife, she’d probably just barf.



Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Kyle Paperclips

Stitchdown: Hello Kyle Paperclips. Where are you from?

Kyle Paperclips: I live a block away. So it’s convenient. That’s a fake name, just so you know. I’m supposed to be at work.

Stitchdown: What are you wearing?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Kyle Paperclips: These are natural lowtop FEITs. And I forget the name of this…um…these are great socks. I forget the name of them. But I just found them on Kickstarter. If you look, they’re just a little off from each other, purposely. The thing I love are these FEITs, I have like eight pairs of them. Maybe more. In all colors. These I only like wearing when it’s really nice out, because they’re natural, and they get all messed up when they get wet. I have grey, and black low and high tops. Actually the black ones I have are cordovan. They were making some cordovan ones. I think they call it semi-cordovan.

Stitchdown: I actually have an old, old pair of FEIT desert boots that I love. Nobody else has them.

Kyle Paperclips: Nobody does. JUST ME.

Stitchdown: What else you got?

Kyle Paperclips: Two pairs of Viberg derbies, a couple Allen Edmonds that I just bought for my wedding. Hmmm…what else do I have that’s weird? I have a bunch of Jordans at home in Delaware sitting in my parents basement. 30 pairs from my childhood that I just didn’t wear, I knew I was going to sell them at some point, and I just don’t want to sell them. It’s a schlep to sell them. I don’t want to do it.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Ultimate grail shoe or boot?

Kyle Paperclips: An original Jordan 10 in white and black. I’m probably the only guy here who’s going to say that. But I can just go and buy these shoes. There’s only like four pairs of the Jordans completely new, sitting there.

Stitchdown: If you could ask Brett Viberg any question, what would it be?

Kyle Paperclips: It’s funny. Three or four years ago, he was here, and he saw my FEIT boots. And he’d never seen them before. And then Viberg started making single leather boots similar to the FEIT ones. And he took like 10 pictures of mine while I was trying on his shoes, and then he started making some single leather boots. So I’m curious if that was the inspiration.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite Nic Cage movie?

Kyle Paperclips: Uhhh…Snake Eyes?

Stitchdown: Fuck yeah.

Kyle Paperclips: Is that a good one? Yeah, that was a wild movie. How about you?

Stitchdown: Bad Lieutenant, probably.

Kyle Paperclips: Hmm! Going back there. What happened? Did he get in like tax trouble and have to come out with terrible movies?

Stitchdown: Pretty sure that’s been his life since he got off The Rock.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

David, Chicago

Instagram: @shoepac

Stitchdown: Tell me a little bit about your shoe fanaticism.

David: It actually started when I snapped my tibia and fibula. And wearing sneakers my feet were actually achy at the end of the day. So my son suggested that I get a pair of boots, so I bought a pair of Wolverines.

Stitchdown: When was this?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

David: This was just a couple years ago. And then I found out about getting Goodyear welted shoes where I could re-sole the shoes. And then I found out about Alden, and so I started buying shell cordovan shoes and boots from Alden. And the irony is that I now have so many shoes that I’ll never wear out the soles, so the Goodyear welting is not that significant to me. Right now I have about 40 pair of Alden, some rare shell and some not so rare shell, a lot of suede shoes. About 20 pair of Vibergs, and then some John Lobbs, Edward Greens, Enzo Bonafé.

Stitchdown: Um, holy crap—all of this is in the last two years?

David: Yeah I’m sick. I like collecting. I used to collect knives, art knives. And I sold my collection to finance my divorce. And now I’m into shoes and my fiance is very supportive of my Imelda Marcos habit.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What were you wearing three years ago??

David: Three years ago I was probably wearing a pair of Mephisto loafers, or Brooks gym shoes.

Stitchdown: That’s a big jump.

David: And some Allen Edmonds, for dress shoes.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What are you gunning for? What’s the ultimate grail?

David: I have people out there looking. I want to get a pair of NST Ravello Alden boots. [Son Rick from above chips in: “not boots, bluchers”]. Bluchers and boots. I have a pair of NST whiskies, Plaza last. I’ve got a pair of cap toe ravello Grant last, cigar cap toe Grant last boots. But I want a pair of NST boost and bluchers. We’re gonna go take a tour of Horween this summer, we live about 15 miles from Horween. I’ve driven by there 100 times. For years we didn’t know it was there.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Where are you eating dinner tonight?

David: Peter Luger’s. We’re taking @Tichoblancoshoes from Instagram and his wife out to dinner. They have great steaks there.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Greg, New York City

Stitchdown: Do you own any Vibergs?

Greg: If I get some today it’ll be my third pair. I’ve got one from the sample sale two years ago, Chromexcel Color 8 Goodyear welted service boot, and I’ve got a pair of the roughout chamois boots, that I bought when I was drunk, and I really wanted them.

Stitchdown: What else are you into?

Greg: I’ve got a pair of Allen Edmonds that I like well enough, the Higgins Mill. A couple of Johnston & Murphy dress shoes, which is just what I started off with. These Loake Chelseas which I picked up on a trip to London.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: How do you like those?

Greg: I like them a lot. For a Chelsea, which is typically a slimmer boot, I’ve got kind of wide feet, and these are actually really comfortable and fit me pretty well.

Stitchdown: The no Loake in the US thing is pretty annoying.

Greg: That kills me. But when I was over there I was just window shopping at Church’s and Tricker’s and shit like that, and I ended up going with these because they were the cheapest. If I ended up over there again I’d probably end up getting another pair.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: What’s your ultimate grail boot?

Greg: Maybe a Viberg shell or Alden shell. Ultimate grail, something bespoke. Enzo Bonafé, something like that would be the ultimate grail.

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite Nic Cage movie?

Greg: Boring. National Treasure. It’s like the most generic answer, but it’s true.


Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Jill (Lynchburg, VA) and Kat (New York City)

Instagram: @ajillofalltrades & @_katcollections

Stitchdown: Did you come up just for this?

Jill: I just came to run around with my son [Drake, interviewed below] over the weekend.

Stitchdown: Did he come just for this?

Jill: No, but it was one of the reasons.

Stitchdown: Are you guys into Viberg? Or how’d you end up here?

Jill: We don’t know much about Viberg. But we’re really into Alden. All of my sons have the Indy boots. My son over there is the shoe guy. He had seen the sale, and we come up here every few months just to run around, and so we came up to see what this brand is about. It reminded him of Alden.

Stitchdown: Are you planning to get anything?

Jill: Yeah I’ve got four sons. And I’ve got a husband. So yes.

Stitchdown: What shoes are you guys wearing?

Kat: I’m wearing Opening Ceremony Vans.

Jill: I’m wearing New Balance for J .Crew.

Stitchdown: What other shoes do you two like?

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Kat: I’m a huge Doc Martens fan. I like a lot of Vans. I’m very comfortable, I suppose. I just got a new pair of Phillip Lim shoes that I’m obsessed with for $40.

Jill: Did you get them at the Phillip Lim sample sale?

Kat: It was at the Need Supply Sale.

Jill: We just went to Need Supply sample sale in Richmond, Virginia. The shoes were $20 in Richmond at that one. For me, it’s more Tory Burch and J. Crew. I don’t splurge that much. But the kids get what they want. Your mom’s probably the same way.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Actually you can read it on the site, the origin story of Stitchdown—this all started with my mom NOT buying me a pair of Jordans when I was like 11 years old.

Jill: She traumatized you to the point where she created your career.

Stitchdown: You could say that. I still love her, though. How long would you wait in line to buy your children a pair of Vibergs?

Jill: Ohhh, I’m a line waiter. I can wait. I would say…I’d do…three hours. Yeah.

Kat: I would do that with you.

Stitchdown: What’s your favorite Nic Cage movie?

Jill: It’s Snake Eyes. Is that a good answer? Kat, are you too young to do Nicolas Cage movies? Do you even know who Nicholas Cage is?

Kat: I do, and I’m not a fan. He just annoys me. Every movie I’ve started with him, I can’t do it. I can’t finish a Nicholas Cage movie.

Stitchdown: Have you finished other movies?

Kat: Yes, of course. I love movies. Just not his.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Drake, Virginia

Instagram: @drake.rufus

Stitchdown: Did you come up just for the Viberg sample sale?

Drake: I mean, what did my mom [Jill, interviewed above] tell you?

Stitchdown: She said no

Drake: Yeah…we came for a lot of different things. She’s doing a little shopping, I’m doing a little shopping. It’s fun. I don’t have any Viberg at all. I just came here with my mom because she told me “we’re headed to the sale.” So I came with her.

Stitchdown: So it was her idea! A twist. What are you wearing?

Drake: My New Balance 997s. Or 990s. I forget. They’re my favorite pair of beaters, I wear them all the time.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: Not everyone is wearing New Balance around here.

Drake: Nah! Man, I’m really surprised with the shoe selections around here. I’m just like, man you’re wearing these shoes out on the streets? I’m impressed.

Stitchdown: What’s your collection like?

Drake: My collection is all over the place. It started out with Vans and whatnot, then went to Sperrys and other dress-like shoes, and then dipped into Yeezys and all that other bs. There’s nothing too notable in there—I’ve just got a lot of different stuff I like.

Stitchdown: What’s the sweatshirt?

Drake: I bought it at TJ Maxx for 20 bucks. I mean, I walked in one day to grab something, and I saw this thing, and said, yeah, why not. 20 bucks, man.

Viberg Sample Sale Street Style

Stitchdown: You’re the opposite of 99% of this line. It’s refreshing.

Drake: I don’t like to flex at all.

Stitchdown: Important question: Why are you not standing in line with your mom?

Drake: Ummmm…she went to talk to Kat, the girl right next to her. She’s shopping for someone else, but we know her. She went to the same high school as me. She’s talking to Kat, so I’m holding a spot for my mom.

Stitchdown: Favorite Nic Cage movie?

Drake: Oh man. The only one I can remember is the one…ohhhh…it’s the one movie where he steals the Declaration of Independence. That’s the only one I remember.

Stitchdown: National Treasure. That’s a good one.

Drake: I don’t remember a lot of Nicolas Cage movies, tbh.

Stitchdown: They’re all great. He’s a living legend.

Drake: Somehow living.


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