Spring’s around the corner, and Viberg is gearing up.

In the first drop of their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the Canadian maker is highlighting leathers from two of their longtime partners: British suede-and-more masters C.F. Stead, and Italian operation Conceria Maryam, the horse-leather specialists whose kangaroo leather is also being leveraged in serious fashion. The four big bullet points of this first drop:

-There’s a lot of kangaroo leather here. With its extraordinary tensile strength compared to cowhide, we’re certainly not opposed to seeing more of it around.

-There are a surprising amount of black and shades of brown! It feels somewhat at odds with the lush, vibrant scenery (and Peeps; RIP Peeps guy) typically associated with spring, but perhaps we’ll be seeing more lively colors in the upcoming drops.

-Wedge soles are well-represented in this collection, which Viberg says is a nod to their Japan launch in the late 2000s. There’s something to be said here about how a sole like the Vibram 2021 can make a shoe or boot feel a bit more…sneaker-y. And the whole big ol’ sneakers thing definitely seems here for a minute, more widely throughout fashion and style. Is Viberg staying the course on their “refined” offerings, or are they drifting back to a streetwear look? Does streetwear even exist anymore?!? Time will tell.

-Goodyear welt construction reigns supreme in this lineup—we count four total Stitchdown products, all Service Boots.

This is the first of multiple seasonal drops from Viberg, so stay tuned for more, including some so-far-unseen new leathers from Gallun. For now, here are some highlights from Drop One…

viberg 2040 service boot t moro tpr horsebutt

Viberg 2040 Service Boot in T. Moro TPR Horsebutt: $840

Maryam’s T. Moro color is a shade of graphite-brown, utilized here on their TPR horsebutt tannage. This leather’s glossy finish can be kept up with a bit of light maintenance, or it can be easily stripped off to highlight the natural grain beneath. The mini-chonk 2040 last paired with the oversized antique brass eyes gives these boots a very workwear vibe.

viberg scout boot nero washed kangaroo

Scout Boot in Nero Washed Kangaroo: $800

The wash process used by Maryam gives their leather a subtle distressed appearance. Viberg has selected Maryam’s washed kangaroo leather, and the Nero color makes for a great blacked-out appearance, as seen here on the Goodyear-welted Scout…

viberg hiker nero washed kangaroo

Viberg Hiker in Nero Washed Kangaroo: $850

…the Hiker…

viberg uplands boot nero washed kangaroo

Viberg Uplands Boot in Nero Washed Kangaroo: $750

…and the relatively new Uplands chukka.

viberg slipper marrone washed kangaroo

Viberg Slipper in Marrone Washed Kangaroo: $610

Viberg is also using Washed Kangaroo in reddish-brown Marrone, a color we previously saw a bit of in the AW22 season. It looks quite good on the Slipper…

viberg rockland blucher marrone washed kangaroo

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Marrone Washed Kangaroo: $740

…the rock-solid Rockland Blucher, which are a favorite among the collection for us…

viberg pachena bay marrone washed kangaroo

Viberg Pachena Bay in Marrone Washed Kangaroo: $850

…and the padded-collar Pachena Bay. Is a Vibram 2021 wedge the ideal sole for a hiking boot? Is anyone actually wearing Viberg Pachena Bays for serious hiking in 2023? The answers to those questions, we believe, are quite the same. 

viberg 2030 service boot chestnut brown phoenix

Viberg 2030 Service Boot in Chestnut Brown Phoenix: $820

C.F. Stead’s Phoenix leather is a waxed cowhide article that has a slightly pronounced grain. It looks right at home here on the classic 2030 Service Boot.

viberg chelsea acero janus calf suede

Viberg Chelsea in Acero Janus Calf Suede: $900

Viberg is also once again using C.F. Stead’s full-grain Janus Calf Suede leather—one of the finest suedes around—in this sandy Acero color, as seen on their wholecut Chelsea…

viberg mule acero janus calf suede

Viberg Mule in Acero Janus Calf Suede: $660

…the easy-going Mule…

viberg halkett boot acero janus calf suede

Viberg Halkett Boot in Acero Janus Calf Suede: $890

…and the dressy Halkett Boot.

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