Division Road’s Patina Post is back! Oh how we unabashedly love this day. (Here’s the proof, with an old article on one)

Here’s a refresher: Division Road curates a selection of well-worn footwear—some pairs worn by their own staff, others coming from benevolent customers—and provides a transformational look at how they appeared fresh out of the box, and how they’ve aged in a given time period. It’s not dissimilar from what you can find in places like the Patina Project App, but all of these photos are shot by the highly skilled photographers at Division Road in well-lit studio environments, so you can clearly view every nick, scratch, and scrape. Also: there’s GIFs! GIFs are great. However you pronounce it.

For the sixth edition of the Patina Post, Division Road is focused on some of their more recent collaboration results from brands such as White’s, Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones. Additionally, they’ve highlighted some pairs from their shop that were recently worn in the inaugural Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome.

division road patina post viberg whites

First up, we’ve got one of our Top 10 finishers, the Viberg 2045 Service Boot in Natural Waxed Flesh worn by Aaron Huebner. As Ben emphasized in his Thunderdome wrap-up, this is not how waxed flesh is supposed to look! Yet, the results speak for themselves, thanks in no small part to the many, many hours of brushing that Aaron applied to his boots. Also, jeez, look at that heel wear…

division road patina post viberg service boot natural waxed flesh

Another standout Thunderdome contestant was this pair of White’s Lace-to-Toe Loggers in Natural Chromexcel and Cinnamon Waxed Flesh. Twice the leather = twice the patina potential, no doubt. And dat toe curl!

division road patina post whites boots lace to toe logger 375 cinnamon waxed flesh natural chromexcel

Some people might claim that Horween’s Dublin leather doesn’t age that well, but I think this pair of Tricker’s Churchill Boots goes a long way to dispel that notion. That vibrant shade of caramel that this Natural Dublin transformed into is outstanding.



These White’s 375 Semi-Dress in Black Waxed Flesh look kinda crazy—it almost resembles an oily chamois leather.

division road patina post whites boots semi dress 375 black waxed flesh

While waxed flesh is definitely a surefire way to see some amazing patina on your boots, don’t sleep on waxed suede either. These Crockett & Jones Ross Boots in a dark brown waxed suede are now chock full of character.

division road patina post crockett jones ross dark brown waxed suede

There are a ton more pairs that Division Road put in the Patina Post work on, all of them looking fabulous. Take a look at the rest of the Patina Post here.

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