On top of their yearly in-person sample/archive/etc sale (which for 2023 will actually be taking place at our Boot Camp event in NYC—we’d love to see you there!), Canadian bootmaking icon Viberg has recently been partnering with pre-owned menswear retailer Marrkt on periodic sales of not-pre-owned shoes and boots.

And the next one starts at 11am Eastern Time this Friday, June 2nd.

Ok how many pairs are we talking about here?

95 pairs total.

Solid start. Any idea which patterns??

According to Marrkt, you’ll see “a mixed bag of Service Boots, Halketts, boondockers, derby shoes, Pachena Bays, Chelsea boots, 245 oxfords, Bobcats and slides.

Viberg Archive Sale at Marrkt


Without getting too specific, “leathers are predominately Horween, CF Stead, J&FJ Baker, and Maryam, including a healthy amount of shell cordovan.”

Ok great, and then everything will be in my exact size, correct?

“Sizes will be a mix but mainly Viberg sizes 8, 9, and 10.”


You can expect up to 45-50 % off retail, which is pretty wild.

Oh damn! So everything is seconds then?

Incorrect! According to Marrkt, all pairs will be first-quality product.

Fantastic. When’s this all happening again?

Friday June 2nd, starting at 11am Eastern Time.

A thank you would be nice.

Thank you.

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