This week we’ve got a ton of exclusive collabs from the likes of Alden and Viberg, a sneaky Nicks release, and then a quick trip to Berlin for a new-ish Clinch model. Find all that—and more—below.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Rider for Stitchdown—Fritz Chelsea—Maryam Toscanello Horsebutt

Rider for Stichdown Fritz Chelsea in Maryam Toscanello Horsebutt: $500 (In Stock and Preorder)

You may or may not have heard, but the plucky folks over at a little boot-media company called Stitchdown have made their own boots! Who would have thought!! Astounding, truly. With the help of our favorite shoe dog Ron Rider and the Cortina factory in Italy, we’ve brought back the Fritz Chelsea in patina-ready Vachetta horsebutt from Conceria Maryam, bottomed with an Italian-made lugged Vibram half sole.

Are we biased? Yes of course we are biased! But in our personal experience these truly are an exceptional casual-with-a-dash-of-class Chelsea that keep looking better the more you put them through.

Nicks Handmade Boots—Anthem Boot

Nicks Anthem Boot: $579 (Made to Order)

Nicks boots rarely runs half sole makeups, in fact– besides their Carl Murawski collaboration tanker boot –I can only recall two. Yet here we are, half-soling! In contrast with the Biltrite outsoles on previous makeups, the Anvil uses a V-Bar half sole with a Quabaug heel, and is built to a 6” height on Nicks’ low arched HNW last with heavyweight Horween Chromexcel. You’ll also notice the single piece backstay/heel counter on this boot, which Nicks has been working towards on more of their patterns.

Nicks Handmade Boots—Jackson Boot

Nicks Jackson Boot: $579 (Made to Order)

Featuring the same half sole and single piece backstay on the classic high arched 55 last, the Nicks Jackson hits the same style notes as the Anthem but adds a dogger heel that changes a ton about the silhouette, plus that 55 arch support.

Withered Fig x Viberg Natural CXL Service Boot—2030 Last—Lactae Hevea Outsole

Withered Fig x Viberg Service Boot in Natural CXL: $800 (On Sale at Noon ET 5/26)

This is as good as CXL/2030-last Vibergs get: 9 smaller eyelets, a bouncy Lactae Hevea sole, the brogued cap toes…fine work Richard & Ian.

Brick & Mortar Eastlake Indy Shoe

Brick + Mortar x Alden x Mad Scientist Madara Eastlake: $655 (In Stock and Preorder)

Indy boots have a well-earned reputation, but Indy shoes? We just don’t see them often enough. Luckily Brick + Mortar Seattle is here to address that with a little help from @mad_scientist_madara. Horween Arabica Lux upper, Sahara tan cavity wedge outsole, 360-degree reverse welt with antique edges, and of course the classic Indy Trubalance last and moc toe stitch.

Sons of Henrey George Split Toe

Sons of Henrey George in Dark Brown Utah Calf: $340 (ex VAT)

Made-in-Spain/designed-in-Belgium SoH has reloaded one of their top models: the Edward Green Dover-homaging five-eye derby featuring vegetable-tanned Utah Calf from the French Tanneries Haas and an oak bark leather sole. Delectable details include an edge beveled waist, fudging on the welt and heel, and a closed channel sole stitch, all impressive in this price range.

Sons of Henrey Foster Penny Loafer

Sons of Henrey Foster Penny Loafer in Sand Suede: $320 (ex VAT—Preorder)

On a more casual (and softer!) note, the Foster Penny loafer is made in Sand Suede with the same Goodyear welted construction and detailing. Like many great lasts, the loafer last used on this model is a combo situation with a narrow heel and waist to keep your foot locked in place. Important when there are no laces!

Paraboot x Reception—Barth Boat Shoe—Marine Nubuck

Reception x Paraboot Barth in Marine Nubuck: $236

Funky French shoemaker Paraboot unveiled two new collab models with similarly French shop Reception. For boat shoemen, we’ve got this two eyelet handsewn in marine blue nubuck with green contrast stitching and brass hardware.

Paraboot x Reception—Bahamas Mule—Marine Nubuck

Reception x Paraboot Bahamas in Marine Nubuck: $215

Also on offer: the Bahamas mule in the same nautical colorway, minus the brass accents (and the backstay).

Clinch Boots x DC4—Conrad Boot—Waxed Horse Suede

Dc4 Berlin x Clinch Conrad Boots in Horse Suede: $1747 (Preorder)

In-stock Clinch?! Japanese denim importer DC4 Berlin recently received a shipment of Conrad boots, a newer under-the-radar pattern for the Tokyo bootmaker. The 8” brogued cap-toe boot is built in gorgeous waxed horse suede in a dusty brown that reveals rich brick red undertones in just the right light. They’re hand welted to a black O’Sullivans sole and display the attention to detail that put Clinch on the map in the first place.


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