Some exciting discounts and one-offs at Leffot, new Aldens at Brogue and Dashing Chicago, and an exclusive Viberg release at Withered Figall this and more can be yours, in our latest Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week.

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Viberg x Withered Fig - 2030 Service Boot BCT - Col. 1071 Horsebutt

Withered Fig x Viberg Service Boot in Col. 1071 Waxed Horsebutt: $860

The final release of Withered Fig’s 5-Year Anniversary Collection is upon us, and with it plenty of beautifully scarred, patterned, and striated horsebutt. The first model is a 2030-last Service Boot in lovely and mathematically ambitious Col. 1071 Waxed Horsebutt with brogued and pinked cap-toes. Alongside them…

Viberg x Withered Fig - 2040 Service Boot BCT - Black Waxed Horsbutt

Withered Fig x Viberg Service Boot in Black Waxed Horsebutt: $860

…and beating the 1071s on eyelet count 9-to-8, is a 2040 Service Boot BCT (sans pinking) in Black Waxed Horsebutt. Keeping with the Ridgeway-stitchdown pairing, they’ve dialed up the sleekness just a touch by making the boot self tongued, which forgoes the stitching attaching the tongue to the vamp, and instead clicking both as one seamless piece.

grant stone field boot tobacco ostrich

Grant Stone Field Boot in Kango Tobacco Ostrich: $498

GS has gone wild with ostrich—a ridiculous character-filled leather usually only seen on cowboy boots—on its Diesel boot before. Now it’s time for the ‘stritch to get even more rugged on Grant Stone’s voluminous Floyd-lasted Field Boot. Only for the bold! But bold has rarely been more fun.

Alden x Brogue - Unlined Tassel Loafer - Tan Suede

Brogue x Alden Unlined Tassel Loafer in Tan Suede: $619

California’s own Brogue is defying the bounds of their name with not one but two consecutive and utterly brogue-less releases. Both are Alden collaborations, the first of which is a tan suede tassel loafer on the Copley last, attached to a single leather sole with a 270˚ flat welt…

Alden x Brogue - Vienna Loafer - Black Shell

Brogue x Alden Vienna Loafer in Black Shell Cordovan: $861

… and kept company by the Brogue x Alden Vienna, a Leydon-lasted penny loafer on the same sole and welt combo, but this time in some seriously dressed up black Horween shell cordovan. Everything’s coming up loafers.

Alden x Dashing Chicago - Douglass - Arabica Lux

Dashing Chicago x Alden Douglass in Arabica Lux: $679

What was that about loafers? The Dashing Douglass gets single-leather outsole built with Alden’s Flex-welt construction in the dark brown Arabica shade of Horween’s wonderfully textured Lux tannage. If you have Dashing Chicago’s Lincoln Loafers, you have a rather unique opportunity here. Namely, buying these and setting the two up against one another for a Lincoln x Douglass Bootbate. (This is strongly encouraged, all necessary resources here and here.)

Leffot x Alden - Indy - Tan Suede

Leffot x Alden Indy Boots in Tan Suede: ???

New York juggernaut Leffot is running a sale as deep as 50% on several new and pre-owned models, as well as a last pairs sale with prices so magical and mysterious that you have to email or call Leffot to get them. A few of our highlights: These Tan Suede Indies on a crepe sole with a split reverse welt and brass hardware…

Leffot x Alden - Longwing - Tobacco Chamois

Leffot x Alden Longwing in Tobacco Chamois: ???

…their commando-sole-equipped longwings in Tobacco Chamois, again on a split reverse welt…

Alden x Brouge - Atom Captoe - Reverse Tobacco Chamois

Leffot x Alden Atom Captoe in Reverse Tobacco Chamois: ???

… and the leather soled, Leydon lasted, Atom Captoe, which flips the Tobacco Chamois script for some extra knappy roughout. These three models just scratch the surface so if you’re an Alden fan, or you’re just looking for something to wear to Dial of Destiny, check out the full sale.

Crown Northampton - Everdon Hand Stitch Wholecut Mid - Color No. 8 Shell Cordovan

Crown Northampton Everdon Hand Stitch Wholecut Mid in Color No. 8 Shell: $898 (MTO)

Crown Northampton makes what we consider to be truly one of the world’s best-built sneakers with the Harlestone Hand Stitch. Suffice it to say those almost put Ben in sneakerhead rehab, so if I tell you about the other Hand Stitch model, we can’t tell Ben. Okay? Okay.

The wholecut boot-sneaker Everdon, like the Harlestone, uses oak bark-tanned toe and heel counters, a wood shank, cork filler, and a veg-tan leather insole. Those suspiciously boot-like guts sit inside of a natural rubber cup sole from Lactae Havea. And now they’re available with uppers clicked from a single massive piece of Horween shell cordovan…

Crown Northampton - Everdon Hand Stitch Wholecut Mid - Horween Tan Buffalo

Crown Northampton Everdon Hand Stitch Wholecut Mid in Tan Horween Buffalo: $466 (MTO)

…as well as Chromexcel, deer suede, and another of our favorites: Horween Tan Buffalo.

Caswell Boot Co. - Garrett - Burgundy Horse TPR

Caswell Boot Co. Garret in Burgundy Horse TPR: $599.99 (MTO)

Hot on the heels of their newly announced Porter last, D.C. based Caswell Boot Co. are putting it through its paces on an entirely new MTO model, the Garret. The Garret is a 6″ cap toe service boot and within those bounds, whatever else you want. Caswell and their Indonesian partner factory are offering eight possible welt configurations and bountiful sole options featuring reliable names like Dainite, Viberg, and Dr. Sole. If I mentioned the three shank materials and the heel configurations I’d have covered about a quarter of the customization options on tap. Caswell is quoting a seven to nine week lead time for both leathers, Burgundy Horse TPR from Maryam…

Caswell Boot Co. - Garrett - Natural Waxed Flesh

Caswell Boot Co. Garret in Natural Waxed Flesh: $549.99 (MTO)

…and Natural Waxed Flesh from Horween.

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