We have yet another a rootin’ tootin’ (…bootin’? Ugh sorry but you have to write something in this part) roundup for all of you this week. Rolling Dub Trio at Standard & Strange, an exciting Division Road release, something entirely new from Nicks, and much more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

 DR x White's 350 Cutter

Division Road x White’s 350 Cruiser in Natural Waxed Flesh CXL: $725

White’s has been leaning into the wedge action lately with the Goodyear welted Perry Select and the stitchdown 350-CS. Now Division Road is bringing the ready-to-wear wedge approach to White’s signature hand-welted stitchdown construction. In a detail unique to DR collabs, that rolled welt is cut from natural Chromexcel to complement the natural midsoles and cream toned Vibram Christy Wedge. From the welt on up, the boot is an all-eyelet 350 Cruiser pattern built on the arch-happy 55 last. The model is available in natural waxed flesh…

DR x White's 350 Cutter

Division Road x White’s 350 Cruiser in Black CXL: $725

… and a surface struck black Chromexcel which will reveal its un-dyed core as it picks up wear.

RDT Roots Boot Brown

Rolling Dub Trio Roots in Brown Horsebutt: $900

The Standard & Strange crew has been on a whirlwind tour of Japan (to find more boots), but they took a quick break to bring us the latest from Rolling Dub Trio (a brand we went deeper on here). The Roots 6” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from RDT, a contemporary take on a classic design which leans into the stylistic elements without sacrificing quality. This double-row stitchdown model is built on the unapologetically chunky J-Munson last and features a perforated true cap toe, a natural leather midsole and heel stack, and a brown rubber RDT outsole. They’re available in brown horsebutt…

RDT Roots Boot Black

Rolling Dub Trio Roots in Black Horsebutt: $900

… and Black horsebutt.

Nicks Palouse

Nicks Palouse Western Work Boot: $594 (Made to Order)

Saddle up partner, because it’s (Pacific) Northwest meets southwest this week at the Stitchdown Saloon! That’s right, Nicks made themselves a cowboy boot. This 13” pull on doesn’t skimp on the customization either, offering a decorative toe bug, pointy-toed last options, and a g0t-darned SPUR SHELF (which Nicks doesn’t recommend unless you’re “in spurs most of the time”). The Palouse breaks from western tradition only from the welt down, where you’ll find Nick’s standard double-row stitchdown construction and full leather interior. Normally $660, the standard and custom models are 10% off to celebrate their release.

Viberg Halkett Boot in Clove Regency Calf

Viberg Halkett Boot in Clove Regency Calf: $840

Viberg has another limited release model for us this week: their derby Halkett boot, which keep looking better and better in our eyes. Its latest iteration features clove Regency Calf atop the tried and true Ridgeway sole, leather midsole and insole, and 360-degree Goodyear welt. Worth noting: the Halkett Boot has a slightly higher shaft than Viberg’s Service Boots.

Dashing Chicago x Alden Lincoln Loafer

Dashing Chicago x Alden Leisure Handsewn in Milkshake Suede: $679

Long in the works from Dashing we have a new Leisure Handsewn. This Van-lasted makeup tops off a single leather sole and 360-degree Goodyear flat welt with a soft serving of milkshake suede calfskin. This is a summer shoe if there ever was one.

John Lofgren USN Quarter Low

John Lofgren USN Quarter Low in Brown French Calf: $735

John Lofgren is well known for their carefully executed takes on rugged designs, but this week’s East West restock brings back a Lofgren model that often flies under the radar. Based on an old Navy pattern, the seemingly simple USN Quarter Low is takes Lofgren’s 140 last designed with a wide but shallow vamp to leave plenty of toe room while maintaining a low profile, and the contrast between the same solid oak bark tanned leather featured in their boot midsoles and insoles (this time with a Vibram topy) and dressy French Calfskin make for a shoe that hides a lot of boot DNA well.

Russell Moccasin Earl Schaffer

Russell Moccasin Earl Shaffer 75th Anniversary in Cedar Timberjack: $725 (MTO)

Earl Shaffer completed the first through hike of the Appalachian Trail in 1948, and 75 years later the company that built his original boots is back with a tribute model. The 9”, double vamp, Earl Shaffer 75th Anniversary boot is kitted out with a Vibram Roccia unit sole, oak bark tanned heel counters, and optional speed hooks (which Russell religiously terms “Army Studs”, which we love).

Russel Moccasin Backcountry

Russell Moccasin Backcountry in Timberjack: $685

Alternately, if you prefer a shorter shaft (and a shorter wait time), Russell has also released a limited quantity of ready-to-wear Backcountry boots, which shares the same basic specifications as the 75th Anniversary Model, but with a shorter 7” shaft and in the Army Studs configuration.

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