British tannery C.F. Stead’s fingerprints are all over this week’s release roundup—from Oak Street’s latest limited-edition offerings, to Caswell’s updated Lisbon boot, to Tricker’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, and more.

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viberg service boot cigar viking calf

Viberg 2030 Service Boot in Cigar Viking Calf: $1160

Gallun Leather’s Viking Calf is a heavyweight calfskin that means serious business—its tight break is complemented by a high degree of abrasion and water resistance. For this week’s Service Boot Sunday, Viberg showcased this Cigar Viking Calf on their 2030-lasted Service Boot, classed up with a pinked cap toe and some Lactae Hevea natural rubber soles.

Engineer Boot - Natural Horsebutt

Clinch Engineer in Natural Horsebutt: $1950: Limited Release at Noon ET 3/10

These magnificent engineers are once again on the shelves—although surely not for long—at Standard & Strange. Made by BRASS Tokyo (in, uh, Tokyo), they’re built to an 11-inch height in a natural raw horsebutt that’s sure to have abundant aesthetic variation from pair to pair, and feature a handwelted construction, Japanese brass hardware, and O’Sullivans repro soles. They’re built on the more-generous CN-Wide last—though the folks at S&S note that this batch is running a bit smaller than previous runs, so you may need to size up depending on your foot’s width.

rolling dub trio casper sidezip tobacco oiled suede

Rolling Dub Trio Casper in Tobacco Oiled Suede: $800 (Pre-Order)

Standard & Strange also just rolled out a whole bunch of Rolling Dub Trio models for pre-order, including these Casper sidezips in some slick tobacco oiled suede. Check out more highlights of this pre-order event (which runs through March 16th) here.

nicks boots hardwearpro

Nicks Boots HardwearPro: $580+ (Made To Order)

The HardwearPro complements Nicks’ flagship BuilderPro as a lighter, more flexible alternative. Built on the HNW last, the HardwearPro features a 360 stitchdown construction paired with your choice of a unit sole like the Vibram Sierra (pictured above).

oak street bootmakers trench boot gaucho waxed kudu

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot in Gaucho Waxed Kudu: $518

Oak Street’s newest limited releases feature C.F. Stead’s waxed kudu leather in a Gaucho colorway that really showcases the heavy natural scarring found on this African antelope. Available as a plain-toe Trench Boot…

oak street bootmakers cap toe lakeshore boot gaucho waxed kudu

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Lakeshore Boot in Gaucho Waxed Kudu: $536

…or a Cap-Toe Lakeshore Boot.

caswell bootmakers lisbon ii prairie waxy commander

Caswell Bootmakers Lisbon II in Prairie Waxy Commander: $359 (Pre-Order)

Caswell’s updated version of their Lisbon service boot sports a bunch of tweaks, both inside and out—an updated stitching pattern, rolled top, updated quarter panel sizing, and upgraded shanks and heel counters. For this limited-edition pre-order, this C.F. Stead Prairie Waxy Commander is available not only with either a Dainite Ridgeway or Dr. Sole Supergrip sole, but it can also be ordered in a wide range of sizes: 7 through 14, in D, E, or EE widths. This pre-order runs through April 7th, or until 20 pairs have been reserved.

alden leffot fifteen penny loafer color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Leffot “Fifteen” Penny Loafer in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $915 (Pre-Order)

Leffot continues their 15th anniversary victory lap with a heckin’ chonker of an Alden loafer. The “Fifteen” is built on the Van last, and features a couple subtle changes to the pattern—a higher vamp, as well as a shallower toe box. Made in Color 8 Shell Cordovan, these loafers are bottomed with Alden’s beefy crepe soles.

trickers bourton acorn olivvia

Tricker’s Bourton in Acorn Olivvia: ~$572

Tricker’s latest seasonal collection has arrived. There’s a whole fleet of new models to check out here, but we’ll highlight just a handful for you. First up, the Bourton gets a new leather: their classic Acorn calfskin is now made with an Olivvia tannage, a process that utilizes tanning liquors made with olive leaves. Here it’s paired with a Vibram Vi-Lite cushioned commando sole.

trickers richard ridge waxy suede

Tricker’s Richard in Ridge Waxy Suede: ~$572

This suave LWB is outfitted with a somewhat-rugged waxed suede from C.F. Stead, and features Dainite studded soles.

trickers bernwood black hydro nubuck

Tricker’s Bernwood in Black Hydro Nubuck: ~$613

Hydro Nubuck is a new leather featuring a hydrophobic finish that boasts superior water resistance. It’s seen here on the Bernwood plain-toe service boot…

trickers daniel whisky hydro nubuck

Tricker’s Daniel in Whisky Hyrdo Nubuck: $~572

…as well as the understated Daniel tramping shoe.

alden ealdwine adirondack austin tar calf

Alden x Ealdwine “Adirondack” 2×2 Cap-Toe Boot in Austin Tar Calf: $678

Built on the Barrie last, the “Adirondack” sports a rarely seen cap toe with two sets of double stitching. Made in this chocolatey Austin Tar Calf, it includes a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and Alden’s proprietary cream-colored wedge soles.

clinch belafonte ponton ankle boot

Clinch x Belafonte Ponton Ankle Boot: $1450

Available at Brogue, these sleek ‘n’ sporty balmoral boots are made for clothing brand Belafonte Ragtime. Crafted in a black kidskin, the Ponton is bottomed with leather soles paired with O’Sullivan rubber heels. (Looks like something Spike Spiegel might wear.)

meermin jumper boot snuff naked kudu

Meermin Jumper Boot in Snuff Naked Kudu: $260

This rock-solid jumper boot sports some of C.F. Stead’s superb Snuff Naked Kudu. It’s made on the Hok last with a 270 flat welt and studded rubber soles—and unlike the Meermin MTOs we typically feature here, it’s available to ship immediately!

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