This week we’ve got the first-ever Easymoc collaboration at Division Road, an honest to god Rolling Dub Trio (count ’em!) at Standard & Strange, and oh so much more.

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Division Road x Easymoc - Scout Boot DB - Natural Chromexcel and Chocolate Grizzly

Division Road x Easymoc Scout Boot DB in Natural CXL and Chocolate Grizzly: $405

Hot out of the oven this morning is the inaugural collaboration between Division Road and Easymoc, and it’s definitely not half baked. The Scout Boot DB takes the distinctly Maine scout boot pattern with its true moccasin construction and double-bottom look, and adds a tried and true DR accent: a two tone upper, deploying natural Chromexcel and Seidel’s chocolate grizzly. The sole—also noteworthy—is a wedge made from recycled Ortholite foam.

Easymoc x Division Road - Three Eye Moc - Toffee Crazy Horse

Division Road x Easymoc Rambler 3-Eye Moc in Toffee Crazy Horse: $325

The Rambler keeps things relatively simple with 100% Seidel Toffee Crazy Horse. They’re finished off with a tonal treaded wedge, the Vibram 2062. Both models are hand lasted and hand sewn.

Brooklyn x Viberg - Core 2.0 - Natural Chromexcel

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg Service Boot Core 2.0 in Natural CXL: $785 (Pre-order)

Brooklyn’s recently revised 2.0 version keeps a lot of things the same–the 2030 last, the Dainite sole, the cap toe–but switches up the toe, which has gone from completely unstructured to using a leather toe puff. It’ll still collapse, but the process will be slower. Available is the standard compliment of Chromexcel options, including natural…

Brooklyn x Viberg - Core 2.0 - Black Chromexcel

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg Service Boot Core 2.0 in Black CXL: $785


Brooklyn x Viberg - Core 2.0 - Brown Chromexcel

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg Service Boot Core 2.0 in Brown CXL: $785

…and brown.

Grant Stone - Longwing - Color #8 Chromexcel

Grant Stone Longwing in Color #8 Chromexcel: $370 (Pre-order)

Grant Stone’s highly classic gunboat uses a 360-degree split welt complete with fudging, and dyed black to match the black edge finish on the leather midsole and outsole. Then we’ve got the fully pinked and brogued “wing”, complete with the obligatory medallion on the toe, and even a cross stitch detail done in extra-heavy thread where the quarters meet the vamp. They’re built in Color #8 Chromexcel on the Leo last, so you can most likely take your Diesel or Ottawa size if these are catching your eye.

Grant Stone - Ottowa - Color #8 Chromexcel

Grant Stone Ottowa Boot in Color #8 Chromexcel: $380 (Pre-order)

Did someone say Ottawa? (We said Ottawa.) The other half of the Color #8 pre-order just happened to be Grant Stone’s very own split toe service boot, with a vamp and toe stitching that almost looks gold against the antiqued brass hardware and deep red upper, despite the fact that is most definitely natural. From the welt down we’ve got the same fudged split welt, this time in an appropriately fudgy dark brown, on their proprietary micro-stud sole.

Standard & Strange x Rolling Dub Trio - Griffin 8.5 - Black Horsebutt

Rolling Dub Trio Griffin 8.5″ Plain Toe Boots in Black Horsebutt: $1,040

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been less than a year since Josh reported on Standard & Strange introducing Rolling Dub Trio to their lineup, a brand which had previously been difficult to acquire stateside. I think it’s fair to say that they’ve become a staple in the interim, with several rounds of pre-orders and sold out releases. Now they’re back again, with three new in-stock models not least of which is the Griffin 8.5″ in black Italian teacore horsebutt. It uses RDT’s new “Classic Last” which is a little sleeker (and narrower) than the chunky J-Munson used on the Roots models. Keeping with the slimmer last, they’re equipped the boot with a low profile rubber outsole made in house and attached with a 270˚ flat welt.

Rolling Dub Trio x Standard and Strange - Coupen Mid Cut - Brown Horsebutt

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Mid Cut Boot in Brown Horsehide: $575

While the Griffin is relatively new, the Coupen is certified boot-shoe royalty. These are flat welted on a nitrile cork outsole complete Belgian steel toe taps, and they’re available in Brown Horsehide…

Rolling Dub Trio x Standard and Strange - Coupen Mid Cut - Black Oil Suede

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Mid Cut Boot in Black Oil Suede: $600

…and a black oiled roughout with a contrasting smooth-out rolled top in same leather.

Nicks - DomePro - Seidel 1964 Tan

Nicks Boots DomePro in 1964 Tan: $535 (MTO)

In anticipation of the third annual Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome and the Work Dome’s second birthday, Nicks has introduced the DomePro, a quick-ship boot for people doing Serious Work™ that’ll get here in time for the Dome to commence if you order in time (the no-shame November late entry at worst). They’re offering three models, all more customizable than many quick-ship boots, with the 55, 67, and HNW lasts to choose from as well as several shaft, outsole, and heel options. First one is essentially their trademark Builder Pro in 1964 tan.

Nicks Dome Pro —British Tan CXL

Nicks Boots DomePro in British Tan CXL: $535

Then we’ve got a Falcon-type 6-inch laceup in British Tan CXL with all the customization bells and whistles.

Nicks Dome Pro —Wickett & Craig English Bridle

Nicks Boots DomePro in Wickett & Craig Tan English Bridle: $680

And finally, some absolutely beautiful veg-tanned Wickett & Craig bridle leather on a tallboy. Great boots all, perfect for the Open or Work Dome. Don’t delay though!

Nicks - Roper - Classic Configuration

Nicks Boots Roper Classic Configuration: $600 (MTO)

…as they’ve also got another foray into pull-on boots. Though shorter and lower heeled, they’re in many ways cut from the same cloth as the Palouse, Nicks’ recent cowboy boot. Like the Palouse, they’ve got cut tops and decorative patterning on the front and back of the instep, innumerable leather options, and Nicks standard build and double row stitchdown construction. The Classic Configuration comes with a Vibram V-Bar sole and natural edge finishing…

Nicks - Roper - Custom Configuration

Nicks Boots Roper Custom Configuration: $610 (MTO)

…while the Custom Configuration offers the full compliment of customization options.

Russel Moccasin - Vellie - Rust Horween Roughout

Russel Moccasin Co. Roughout Vellie in Rust Horween Roughout: $535

Russel Moccasin just restocked their roughout Vellie, a lace-up chukka with true moccasin construction that somehow feels simultaneously authentic to Nambia and Berlin, Wisconsin. Rust Roughout from Horween and crepe soles from Lactae Havea work to keep the boot soft, light, and comfortable. If reading all that has you thinking, “Wow, this company sounds super interesting. I wish I could learn more about them by watching an interview with their new owner in long form video format where he explains how they build their boots and talks about the companies history and future”, that’s… weirdly specific, but you happen to be in luck!

Rancourt - Weltline Penny Loafer - Black Calf

Rancourt Weltline Penny Loafers in Black Calf: $214 (Pre-order)

Speaking of mocs, Rancourt is accepting pre-sale orders on a ton of different models right now. Since dealing with unanticipated supply chain disruptions way back in good ol’ 2020, many makers have been experimenting with production and sale strategies that let them produce boots and order supples more efficiently and with less uncertainty. Rancourt’s latest foray passes on much of the cost savings of that approach by letting you buy seasonal pre-sale pairs at wholesale prices. That means astoundingly good deals, including on this leather soled and flat-welted penny loafer in black calf.

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