In this week’s roundup of new footwear releases, we take a look at the newest Rolling Dub Trio addition at Standard and Strange; a rare Indy chukka from Alden retailer Brick + Mortar; the latest leather option from Parkhurst; and much more.

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viberg service boot beige pony latigo horsehide

Viberg Service Boot in Beige Pony Latigo Horsehide: $915

Viberg has recent been highlighting the heavyweight veg-tanned horsehide leathers of Japanese tannery Shinki Hikaku, and for their final Shinki series release, they’ve unveiled a Viberg-exclusive latigo horsehide dubbed Beige Pony. This glossy-finished leather has an orange-brown tone that exists somewhere between Shinki’s Cognac and Camel Latigo Horsehides. You can find it on these 2030-lasted Service Boots, which feature a brogue cap-toe, 270 stitchdown construction, and Dainite studded soles.

viberg rockland blucher beige pony latigo horsehide

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Beige Pony Latigo Horsehide: $825

A couple sizes also remain in these Rockland Bluchers, which are also built on the 2030 last with a 360 notched storm welt and Dainite soles. (Speaking of the Rockland, check out our new interview with Andrew Turriff, who played a role in designing this dressy Viberg pattern.)

grant stone dirty buck

Grant Stone Dirty Buck: $328

The Dirty Buck took a hiatus from the Grant Stone catalog, but now it’s back. Crafted on the Leo last, this derby comes in a beige-colored C.F. Stead suede, and once you give it some good wear, it’ll really live up to the classic image of this not-quite-casual, not-quite-dressy menswear staple. These shoes are made with a 360 flat welt and Grant Stone’s own studded rubber soles in a reddish-brown color.

rolling dub trio coupen low moc black oiled chromexcel

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Low Moc in Black Oiled Chromexcel: $475

Rolling Dub Trio’s Coupen Low is one of our favorite shoeboots, and this moc toe variant adds an intriguing twist to the style. Made in a factory-oiled Black Chromexcel, these moc shoes are built on the CBT02 last with a 360 flat welt and RDT’s unique cork/leather hybrid soles. The Cat’s Paw-inspired Boots Factory rubber heel is a nifty touch.

nicks boots builderpro frostguard

Nicks Boots BuilderPro FrostGuard: $665+ (Made To Order)

While Nicks utilizes a lot of old-school techniques and materials when making their boots, they don’t shy away from trying out newer tech where it makes sense. They’re now offering a series of insulated boots using a new material known as Polarthin, an aerogel fabric which offers an ultra-thin, breathable, waterproof layer. It has around three times the R-value of Thinsulate, and doesn’t affect the fit of a boot (in other words, take your regular Nicks size). 

You can order a fully customized BuilderPro FrostGuard; otherwise, Nicks is also offering expedited lead times for the standard insulated regular toe and composition toe BuilderPros, as well as their wet-condition-ready WaterWork boot.

zerrows pecos boots natural latigo

Zerrows Pecos Boot in Natural Latigo: ~$905

East West Apparel notches another addition to their Zerrows collection with the Pecos boot. With a rounded toe and a woodsman heel, the Pecos reads somewhere in between a rugged pull-on work boot and a stylish Western boot. Other details include unstructured toes, a 270 flat welt, Vibram 269 half-soles, and Cat’s Paw heels. Available in Horween Natural Latigo…

zerrows pecos black new york

Zerrows Pecos Boot in Black New York: ~$905

…or in a blacked-out variant with this New York leather.

rancourt dirigo ranger moc desert oasis snuff

Rancourt & Co. Dirigo Ranger Moc in Desert Oasis Snuff: $198

As we highlighted earlier this week, Rancourt’s Dirigo offerings are a means of producing streamlined versions of their handsewn footwear with overstock materials at excellent prices. Highlights from the latest additions to the Dirigo line include these ranger mocs in Desert Oasis Snuff…

rancourt dirigo boot desert oasis safari

Rancourt & Co. Dirigo Boot in Desert Oasis Safari: $238

…the taller Dirigo Boot in Desert Oasis Safari…

rancourt dirigo loafer fargo black

Rancourt & Co. Dirigo Penny Loafer in Fargo Black: $198

…and these classic penny loafers in Fargo Black. Check out the rest of the Dirigo collection here.

alden brick mortar edmonds indy chukka snuff suede

Alden x Brick + Mortar “Edmonds” Indy Chukka in Snuff Suede: $650

We don’t see these chopped Indys from Alden all that often, and they look real handsome in their snuff suede leather. Crafted on the Trubalance last, the “Edmonds” includes a 270 flat welt and commando soles.

parkhurst allen rust waxy

Parkhurst Allen in Rust Waxy: $358

The newest addition to Parkhurst’s leathers is a custom waxed suede they’re calling Rust Waxy, which appears to offer a great deal of visual variation from the wax content. Available in either the plain-toe Allen…

parkhurst richmond rust waxy

Parkhurst Richmond in Rust Waxy: $358

…and the cap-toe Richmond, both made with a 360 storm welt and Parkhurst’s own commando soles.

unmarked chelsea brown chromexcel

Unmarked Chelsea in Brown Chromexcel: $490

Unmarked’s Chelsea boot gets the Horween Chromexcel treatment, both in Brown CXL…

unmarked chelsea burgundy chromexcel

Unmarked Chelsea in Burgundy Chromexcel: $490

…and Burgundy CXL. Featuring a distinctive oblong elastic panel, these boots also include a 360 stitchdown construction with Itshide studded rubber soles.

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