This week we’ve got in-stock shell from Grant Stone, the third generation indestructible boot from Nicks and one mister Weston Kay, some deep discounts at Tricker’s, and more in the latest Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the week.

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Grant Stone - Longwing - Garnet Shell

Grant Stone Longwing in Garnet Shell Cordovan: $745

Last week, I extolled the finer details of Grant Stone’s Longwing pattern, brogueing, pinking and all. This week, GS is back with Horween garnet shell cordovan. The garnet color itself is a rich red-brown with endless depth, and between that shell and the ground, you’re getting a leather sole and a fudged, split-welt construction.

Rose Anvil x Nicks - ND3 - Brown Waxed Flesh

Rose Anvil x Nicks ND3 in Brown Waxed Flesh: $620 (MTO)

Weston Kay, professional boot-cutter-in-halfer and mastermind behind Rose Anvil, just unveiled his third collaboration with Nicks Boots, the ND3. Standing for ‘nnndstructable’, the ND series emerged from viewer demands that Nicks make their “Indestructible Boot” available consumers, a daunting task they were rightfully apprehensive about assigning their bootmakers.

The third generation is built with Nicks 360˚ stitchdown construction on the Munson-inspired Thurman last (see top-down photo above), and of course features a contrast lineman patch. It’s also the first ND-series boot to feature a Vibram Sierra unit sole and a lace to toe pattern.

Russel Moccasin - Zephyr MTO - Red Maple Oil Tan

Russell Moccasin Co. Zephyr: $635 (MTO)

Russell Moccasin was for a long time a company built around delivering custom boots to outdoorsmen and hunters. When Luke Kolbie and Joe Julian took over, wait times were climbing and the company was struggling to fulfill its backlog, so the pair stopped accepting custom orders and shifted their focus to ready to wear models until they could get things sorted.

Now they’re accepting a limited number of customizable MTO orders for the Zephyr, a unique, zipper-back boot which uses their double-vamp true moccasin construction. They’re offering a variety of leather including Horween chamois, bison, veal, and the S.B. Foot Red Maple Oil Tan that you’ll find on many of their classic boots. In addition, you can chose between a D or E width, and Vibram Oxford, Vibram Aspen, or Lactae Havea Crepe soles.

Wootten - Gordon Original - Saddle Tan Victorian

Wootten Gordon Original Boot in Saddle Tan Victorian: $543

Aussie bootmaker Wootten is best known for their made-to-order footwear and hands on consultation process– you typically need to sit down with their team to discuss your needs and ideas before you order a pair of boots. At the moment, they’re making an exception for the Gordon, a ready-to-wear, 6″ boot with a really fun old-school pattern.

They’re built with a Blake/rapid construction, for which the insole is stitched directly to the midsole and a second stitch attaches the midsole to the outsole. The leather is hand finished and hand-burnished, and they use a proprietary rubber sole.

Ealdwine x Alden - Dennison - Earth Chamois

Ealdwine Dennison in Smooth Earth Chamois: $689

North Carolina’s favorite Alden stockist has a new collaboration model for us this week, the D2948HC “Dennison,” a play on the classic Indy pattern in green “Smooth Earth” chamois. Its commando sole is a popular choice on special Indy makeups, as is its split welt, but in place of the typical tan toe stitching is gold thread to compliment the polished brass eyelets and speed hooks. Built on the TrueBalance last!

Truman Boot Company - 6" Service Boot - China Blue Waxy Commander

Truman Service Boot in China Blue Waxy Commander: $460

Truman is known for running as wide a variety of leathers as they can get their hands on, from staple stuff to the truly out-there. Their 79-lasted service boot in China Blue Waxy Commander—a very well-reputed waxed suede tannage from England’s C.F. Stead—offers a powdery, sky blue roughout that comes very close to convincing you that blue is a totally normal color for boots. Beneath the upper and cap toe, you’ve got a flat welt and a Truman-branded rubber sole.

Oak Street Bootmakers - Cap Toe Trench Boot - Habana Spiga

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Trench Boot in Habana Spiga: $524

It’s been a very strong week for leathers, and Oak Street’s recent limited edition boots are no exception. This time they’ve outfitted their cap-toed Trench Boot in Habana Spiga, an Italian veg-tanned leather which is barrel-dyed to give it an incredible marbled color which OSB compares to a tobacco leaf. A 360-degree split welt and a Dainite sole anchor the boot, but otherwise let the leather be the star. Just one note: Oak Street’s Elston last is true to size, so there’s no need to size down from Brannock.

Oak Street Bootmaker - Cap Toe Feild Boot - Elbamatt Liscio

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Field Boot in Brown Elbamatt Liscio: $528

The Field Boot in Brown Elbamatt Liscio is another product of Oak Street’s ongoing partnership with the Tempesti tannery. They’ve used the vachetta tannage on their Field Boot, which compared to the Trench Boot has a slightly shorter shaft and a single piece counter-cover/backstay. This model has a brogued cap toe, and a 360˚ flat welt on the same Dainite sole and Elston last.

Tricker's - Jermyn Street Penny Loafer - Chocolate Repello Suede

Tricker’s SALE!: Jermyn Street Penny Loafer in Chocolate Repello Suede: $349

Tricker’s has commenced their annual summer sale, offering discounts of almost 50% on a wide variety of models. One of our highlights is the Jermyn Street Penny in four leather options and two sole choices (leather or Dainite) for the flat welted loafer. Our choice would definitely be the Chocolate Repello Suede. Also discounted are…

Tricker's - Stow Country Boot - Cafe Repello Suede

Tricker’s Stow Country Boot in Cafe Repello Suede: $399

…the storm welted, Dainite-soled Stow country boots, available in Snuff or Cafe Repello…

Tricker's - Camilla Derby Boot - Visione Suede

Tricker’s Camilla Derby Boot in Visione Suede: $399

…and the more rugged-er Camilla derby boot with its lugged unit sole and storm welt. Plenty more at nearly half off!
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