First things first: I need to extend my congratulations to everyone who finished out the inaugural Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome!

I was blown away by what everyone was able to accomplish with their pairs in just seven months (you can see every pair in our app here), and I’m excited to see which ones will be bringing home some amazing prizes!

Are you ready to start thinking about the next one? (Details are forthcoming…)We’ve got some potential ‘Dome candidates here for you to ponder, including new releases from Alden, Grant Stone, Paraboot, and much more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

viberg service boot light tobacco calf suede

Viberg Service Boot in Light Tobacco Calf Suede: $845

This service boot uses some of that hard-wearing Janus tannage from C.F. Stead, wisely pairing it with nine blind eyelets for a classic, slightly dressy look. Built on the 2030 last with a stitchdown construction and Ridgeway soles.

grant stone ottawa waxed tobacco

Grant Stone Ottawa in Waxed Tobacco: $340 (Pre-Order)

Two new Grant Stone pairs in Waxed Tobacco for you to chew on this week!* You can find this beautiful brown waxed suede in two top-notch GS patterns. First, the Ottawa NST boot, made on the Leo last with a 360 storm welt and their proprietary commando soles…

*Warning: Waxed Tobacco is addictive

grant stone longwing blucher waxed tobacco

Grant Stone Longwing Blucher in Waxed Tobacco: $340 (Pre-Order)

…and then there’s their indomitable LWB, also Leo-lasted, with a 360 storm welt and double leather soles.

alden ealdwine cabarrus nst tanker navy suede

Alden x Ealdwine “Cabarrus” in Navy Suede: $670

Ealdwine’s also getting in on the split-toe action with another iteration of their “Cabarrus” boot, which is a timeless Alden tanker with a splash of Indy style. This time around, Ealdwine has selected a gorgeous navy suede for the uppers, with some brass hardware that really pops. This pair is built on the Barrie last, and features a 360 pre-stitched reverse welt and Alden commando soles.

paraboot arpenteur cliff black deerskin

Paraboot x Arpenteur Cliff Shoe in Black Deerskin: ~$303

This fantastic French duo’s latest collaboration is the Cliff, a deck shoe in tune with Paraboot’s distinct sensibilities. These pairs are all goatskin-lined and come complete with an intriguing pair of gum rubber ripple soles. You can select from black deerskin…

paraboot arpenteur cliff white deerskin

Paraboot x Arpenteur Cliff Shoe in White Deerskin: ~$303

…as well as white…


paraboot arpenteur cliff sand suede

Paraboot x Arpenteur Cliff Shoe in Sand Suede: ~$303

…and some sandy suede.

alden leffot nst blucher color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Leffot NST Blucher in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $875 (Pre-Order)

Built on the Aberdeen last, this Norwegian split-toe shoe features a 270 flat welt and double leather soles. An antique edge dressing provides a nice little twist.

oak street bootmakers field boot tobacco roughout

Oak Street Bootmakers Field Boot in Tobacco Roughout: $508

The latest offerings from OSB showcase some excellent roughout leather from Seidel, and they’ve kicked things up a notch with a hand-burnished toe and heel. This boot comes on the Elston last, unstructured, and features other neat little details including brass tacks in the Vibram 705 half soles and riveted quarters.

oak street bootmakers trench oxford tobacco roughout

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Oxford in Tobacco Roughout: $494

Similar details can be found on the Trench Oxford, which is also built unstructured on the Elston last, and features the same 270 flat welt with Vibram 705 half soles.

alden madison vanderbilt loafer color 8 shell cordovan

Alden Madison “Vanderbilt” in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $807

The guys at Alden Madison are referring to the “Vanderbilt” as a “no-tassel, tassel” loafer. It features the same kind of apron stitching, but without a tassel in sight. Made on the Aberdeen last, these loafers feature Horween’s famous Color 8 shell, along with a 270 flat welt and single leather soles. Perfect for summer!

wesco franklin poe jobmaster black chromexcel

Wesco x Franklin & Poe Jobmaster in Black Chromexcel: $629

For their latest collaboration with Wesco, Franklin & Poe opted to build this 8 inch Jobmaster on the 9109 last with a bump toe, plus a cap toe to really accentuate the chonk. With a 360 stitchdown construction and Vibram Christy soles, these Jobmasters are ready for some serious work.

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