Hot on the heels of two in-store John Lofgren made-to-order events hosted by Standard & Strange at their Oakland and NYC brick-and-mortars, Lofgren and S&S are bringing the MTO fun to cyberspace (the final frontier).

That’s right! You, denizen of the Web, can get in on some custom Lofgren action. From now till May 20th, you can head on over to S&S and put together your own one-of-a-kind made-to-order pair from John Lofgren.

There’s a sprawling range of options to choose from here, both in regards to the models (eight kinds of Lofgren patterns, from the Engineer to the Glover Brogue) and 37 total upper leathers. You can pick from various Japanese calfskins and suedes, selections from Horween and Badalassi, and also several shades of shell cordovan from Japan’s Shinki Hikaku. While perusing the leather options, be sure to consider how they might work with your options for things like edge stain, hardware, and stitching colors.

john lofgren mto swatches

Does it feel a bit overwhelming trying to decide what to get? Well, like an itamae at a prestigious sushi-ya, S&S is here to help by making the hard decisions for you. By selecting The Omakase Option under any of these John Lofgren patterns, the folks at S&S will put their heads together to design a pair of boots specifically for you. They swear they’ll do a really good job! (Trust us, they swear accurately.)

john lofgren standard strange mto event nyc

So, what’ll it be? A classic black USN Shoe with a small pop of color from a natural stitch on the soles? A Moc Toe Boot in Japanese Tobacco suede with some contrasting black eyelets? A striking pair of blue Shinki shell Combat Boots?! The choices are many! The time, however, is limited—remember, you’ve only got till the end of May 20th!

Be sure to take a quick look at the fine print for this special MTO event, then get your order in, sit back and wait, and you should see your unique pair of John Lofgrens land on your doorstep by the end of 2022.

Customize Your John Lofgren MTO
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