After months of halted production, many of our favorite makers are back in action recently, and this week’s roundup is as full of the good stuff as I can remember in a while—which is obviously great to see.

It’s definitely loafer season, but there are plenty of great boots as well. So dig in, and don’t forget to check out all the previous Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week roundups—plenty of the recommendations are still available.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

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Viberg x Division Road Waxed Black Horsebutt Shelby Sharp: $775

The latest cap-toe in Seattle supershop Division Road’s Shelby series is yet another stunner, this time Goodyear storm welted in black waxed Maryam horsebutt, complete with the trademark Shelby pinking and a Ridgeway sole. Top-notch stuff.

Grant Stone Honey Glazed Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer 2

Grant Stone Honey Glazed Shell Cordovan Traveler Penny Loafer: $620

Grant Stone once again throws a thin glaze over natural Horween shell cordovan for this limited pre-order release. I’ve seen these with some wear on them and they are delicious indeed. Pre-order ends in a few days!

Grant Stone Honey Glazed Shell Cordovan Ottawa 1

Grant Stone Honey Glazed Shell Cordovan Edward Plain Toe Boot: $675

Same shell, in Grant Stone’s Edward, which classes up its original Diesel boot with smaller eyelets and tighter facings. The storm welt matches really well here too. Same pre-order setup on this one.

Grant Stone Honey Glazed Shell Cordovan Ottawa 3

Grant Stone Honey Glazed Shell Cordovan Ottawa Split-Toe Boot: $675

Same shell! Same pre-order! More splits in the toe!

grant stone midnight suede ottawa boot

Grant Stone Midnight Suede Ottawa Split-Toe Boot: $285

Honestly this may be the best looking Grant Stone boot of them all to me. And the price is fantastic. Also a pre-order, and will close very shortly.

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Oak Street Bootmakers Bit Moc in Natural CXL: $328

I honestly don’t generally love bit loafers, but there’s something about this handsewn moccasin construction version that softens up the 80s-corporate-raider-guy vibe juuuust right. Will likely get much darker and more wonderful as they age. They also have them in a really nice suede.

alden brick+mortar campus leisure handsewn penny loafer

Alden x Brick+Mortar Navy Suede Unlined “Campus” Leisure Handsewn Penny Loafer: $585

One of the great Aldens of all time in unlined form in a beautifully rich navy suede. Instant winner.

alden brick+mortar duet longwing

Alden x Brick+Mortar Navy & Milkshake Suede “Duet” Spectator Longwing Blucher: $615

Spectators are for the bold. And I love how Seattle stalwart B+M went for it with natural reverse welt too. But especially as the Milkshake suede dirties up a bit, I feel like these might be even more wearable than they seem.

alden larossa scotch grain norwegian split toe

Alden x LaRossa Brown Scotch Grain Norwegian Split Toe Blucher: $649

Everything about this one is perfect: Hampton last, commando sole, blind eyelets, and the 360 prestitch reverse welt. Boston-area LaRossa—also a top shoe repair shop—doesn’t do a ton of Alden makeups, but when they do, they make it count.

alden david wood loden tassel loafer

Alden x David Wood Loden Suede “Casco” Tassel Loafer: $567

Portland, Maine’s David Wood Clothiers is a wonderful throwback men’s shop—a friendly local gentlemen’s haberdashery that will actually spend time with you and learn (and develop!) your personal style. These loden suede tassels are their latest of a growing makeup program. Definitely keep an eye on David Wood.

lohn lofgren wingtip brogue boot camel

John Lofgren Brogue Boots in Camel Vachetta: $885

I wrote more fully about these here, but…wow.

lohn lofgren wingtip brogue boot burgundy

John Lofgren Brogue Boots in Burgundy Vachetta: $885

Same here—check the big story.

John Lofgren Desert Boot Olive2

John Lofgren Desert Boots in Olive Suede: $500

And once again, more complete info here. I’m almost definitely getting these, btw.

Cobber Union Winston UR

Cobbler Union Winston UR Brogue Wingtip in Mustard Calf: $395

Cobbler Union continues to offer one of the better values in damn-snazzy dress shoes and boots out there—and these statement pieces should age into something really cool. Want to learn more about CU? Check out the Stitchdown Conversation with founder Daniel Porcelli here.

Carmina penny_loafers_tan_vegano

Carmina Split-Toe Penny Loafers in Tan Vegano: $495

Carmina never fails to deliver, and the same is true with this subtly unique penny pattern with an exquisite split-toe. Tims last.

Carmina Unlined penny_loafers_maraca_janus_80646_l

Carmina Unlined Penny Loafers in Maraka Janus Butt: $315

Another loafer winner from Carmina, this one offering a crazy price on a casual unlined penny. Rounder Xim last on these.

Truman Boot Black-Burgundy-Rambler-Side_SM_1800x1800

Truman Boot Black Burgundy Rambler Plain-Toe Boot: $420

C.F. Stead’s waxed Rambler is the star of this Truman show—this color is deep and excellent. C-55 last, Vibram 430 sole (a personal Stitchdown workhorse favorite).

Truman Boot Squirrel-Rambler-Rolled-Side_SM_1800x1800

Truman Boot Squirrel Rambler Cap-Toe Boot: $420

This rambler is a little louder! But if you’re ready for it, go for it. Brown tongue and rolled ankle, Dainite sole, 79 last.


Helm Hollis Cap-Toe Boot in Tan Rusan Suede: $350

The Hollis has been a Helm staple for a bit, but I dig these tan suedes, as long as you commit to beating the absolute hell out of them. They’re ready.

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