A little over three years ago, Weston Kay cut some Dr. Martens boots in half on YouTube. Today, millions of people watch videos of him cutting all sorts of other shoes in half to break down the materials they use, on Weston’s Rose Anvil YouTube channel.

And it’s no secret he said some very serious words about our beloved Alden Indy boots in one of them—and so we had to drag him onto the show and confront him.

So how’d the guy who was making DIY wedding rings and rebuilding motorcycles just months before the Doc Martens vid become just about the most heavily watched men’s footwear reviewer on YouTube?  What does he feel the job of a reviewer on the internet should be in 2023? And most importantly (obviously), has he reconsidered anything about that Indy boot video?

Buckle up for the final episode of Shoecast season 7…

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