Summer shoes! Those are just…boots, right? Apparently not!

In a Shoecast episode for which we applied 120 SPF sunscreen (to our shoes), Ticho and I first figure out what a summer shoe really means, and then get down into dishing out recommendations on loafers like my chestnut calf Grant Stones above, handsewn moccasins of all kinds, unlined bluchers et al, boot-shoes (obviously), Birkenstocks, and, um…sandals? Yes, sandals—at which point it’s revealed just how horrified of his own toes Ticho is.

We also break down the lifestyle choice that is socklessness in frightening detail—including tips and tricks on what to do and not to do if you want to keep your feet in once piece. Which is always a good idea, in any season.

Summer’s just heating up, so give it a listen below!

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This episode was sponsored by Standard & Strange, where it’s always leather jacket season, even in 97 degree heat (but also they sell sick tiger shirts)

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