It’s here: the Stitchup 2 boot in Horween’s intriguing, versatile, honestly just fantastic Arabica Lux leather.

You come up with an idea for an Alden boot, you feel the leather samples endlessly, you picture it in your head, and then…you wait. And wonder. Did it come out how we thought it would? Sometimes, maybe it doesn’t. This time, it absolutely did. I couldn’t be happier with these.

alden stitchdown stitchup 2 horween arabica lux leather

If you’ve already decided you want a pair, here’s where to get them!

If you’re slightly more of a regimented decision maker, come learn some more…

Lux is a full veg-tan Horween leather which gets the same base tannage as Essex—which itself uses the same tannin extracts as Horween shell cordovan. Horween calls Lux (the leather name; Arabica is the color) “sugary”, a result of the dye coats and top coats. In the right light, it kinda shimmers, just a touch. Maybe even crackles? Point is, it’s really quite cool.

The grain characteristics on the leather vary from batch to batch, and in this case, pair to pair a bit. All that grain you see above is naturally derived from the tanning process—this isn’t a stamped leather.

My pair here is about as pronounced as the grain gets, while other pairs (and the toe caps on basically all of them, after being pulled taut during lasting) are a bit chiller—but when smoother the leather offers a really intriguing desert-floor kinda look. It’s unclear if the grain on those panels will present itself over time, but the cool thing about this leather is that either way looks great, just for different reasons.

And this stuff is SOFT! One of the softer-handed footwear leathers I’ve come across to be sure. Probably even softer than Alden’s Regina Grain, which is…quite soft. So that’s never a bad thing.

Given the timing of me receiving these boots (late at night, on a train platform, if you couldn’t tell) and the weather, these are really the only quality photos I got, but I’ll be updating this story in the coming days with more—and more photos in different light, which is something I’m looking forward to seeing, to get that crackle going.

alden stitchdown stitchup 2 horween arabica lux leather

As for the rest of the makeup, it’s true to the original black shell cordovan Stitchup boot (which is also still available!).

  • Barrie last (general recommendation is to go .5 sizes down from your Brannock measurement)
  • Highly versatile commando sole
  • Poppin’ brass eyes and hooks
  • 360-degree antique reverse welt
  • And most prominently, the trademark Stitchup 2+2 stitching on the toe cap and heel counter foxing

Again, these Stitchup 2s are available through here at Alden Madison in most sizes, although they’re going fast already

If your size isn’t available, feel free to email me at or Alden Madison at to get on the pre-order list for a second run that we’ll be putting the order in for shortly.

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