Outside of their famed sample sale, Viberg has literally never discounted their firsts-quality products. But guess what they just did!

The Canadian super-maker is offering 15% off a range of online exclusives including some you’ll see below, and will be adding to that range of selections through July 7 (2021). While you’ll hear a Shoecast episode soon about the industry ills that occur when we all get locked into exclusively buying stuff on sale—and we all need to think about that—this one’s too good to not at least consider, especially because of how rare it is.

Here’s the sale

Viberg Service Boot 310 Wooly CXL

310 Service Boot in Wooly CXL: $603

Wooly is wonderfully beastly stuff from Horween—lots and lots of lanolin is the trick. And the #310revolution continues.

Viberg Latigo Service Boot

Service Boot in Shinki Tan Latigo: $705

Leathers from Japan’s Shinki Hikaku tannery command an upcharge at Viberg and pretty much everywhere else—here’s a chance to get back to even with this 2030 perforated cap toe boot on Dainite.

Viberg Chelsea Natural BisonChelsea in Natural Bison: $629

The ultra-pronounced grain on some bison leathers can be a bit too much for me personally, which is a shame—the stuff is hardy as all hell. These hit the perfect sweet spot.

And there are plenty more to be had on sale on Viberg.com…

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