There are less than three months until the inaugural Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome, and if you haven’t picked out your shoes/boots for the contest yet, you’d better get cracking.

We’re here to offer you some ideas in our roundup this week (and just for, you know, normal life), which features a superb Viberg exclusive from Standard & Strange, a couple Alden head-turners from Leffot, some new pre-orders available at Grant Stone, Oak Street Bootmakers getting into the shell cordovan game, and more.

You can see what you may have missed previously here.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

The Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome: 1 Pair of Boots. 7 Months of Wear. Over $10,000 in Prizes (Mostly Boots). Learn More Here.

alden stitchdown stitchup 2 horween arabica lux leather

Stitchdown x Alden Madison Stitchup 2 in Arabica Lux: $650

The newest Stitchdown collaboration is here! While much of the run pre-sold, there are definitely sizes left. Head right over to Alden Madison, or read more about what Ben wrote about this collab he forced me to say is “deeply, deeply exciting” right here.

Division Road Viberg Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan Shelby Boot

Division Road x Viberg Shelby Sharp Brogue Boot in Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan: $1345

DR’s epic Shelby series run—simply some of the best Viberg boots ever made—is sadly winding down, but man are they going out with a bang. Dark cognac shell is a low-key but absolutely wonderful shade of the Horween leather, and the commando sole brings with it the promise (if you can bear it) of really wearing these things they way they deserve. 2030 last, 9 eyelets, and pinking like you’ve never done seen.viberg standard strange service boot used cuoio

Viberg x Standard & Strange Service Boot in Used Cuoio: $740

“Used” is a bit of a misnomer here, in the sense that this Maryam calfskin leather isn’t literally pre-worn; it’s simply been unfinished. However, I can imagine it will get *used* quite often, as the leather on these Service Boots promises to evolve drastically with each wear. This S&S exclusive is 2030-lasted with Ridgeway soles. Absolutely dangerous Patina Thunderdome boot right here. 

alden brogue unlined lhs loafer humus suede

Alden x Brogue Unlined LHS Penny Loafer in Humus Suede: $585

Ben included Alden’s snuff suede unlined LHS penny loafer in his roundup of the best shoes for summer this week, and if you’ve been looking for an unlined LHS to include in your wardrobe, here’s another chance. These Van-lasted loafers should be a versatile piece thanks to the classic color of this Humus suede.

alden pelle line ptb arabica lux

Alden x Pelle Line Plain Toe Blucher in Arabica Lux: $627

We’re seeing a lot of Alden makeups coming out in Arabica Lux, and we’re not complaining. This pair is made on the Barrie last with Alden’s commando soles.

alden ealdwine fayetteville saddle shoe

Alden x Ealdwine “Fayetteville” Saddle Shoes: $595

I dare say we’ve got ourselves a summer shoe right here! Built on the Barrie last, these single-toned saddle shoes are made with ivory suede, and come with double oak leather soles.

grant stone diesel sky reverse kudu

Grant Stone Diesel Boot in Sky Reverse Kudu: $360 (Pre-order)

The sky-blue color of this C.F. Stead kudu is loud and yet positively serene, I love it. This Diesel Boot is made on Grant Stone’s Leo last with their proprietary micro stud rubber soles.

grant stone diesel burgundy kudu

Grant Stone Diesel Boot in Burgundy Kudu: $370 (Pre-order)

More kudu goodness at Grant Stone this week. Also from C.F. Stead, you can find this leather on the Diesel Boot…

grant stone brass boot burgundy kudu

Grant Stone Brass Boot in Burgundy Kudu: $370 (Pre-order)

…as well as the Brass Boot.

alden leffot indy earth reverse chamois

Alden x Leffot Indy Boot in Earth Reverse Chamois: $635

“I want a pair of Indy Boots,” you say, “But I want them to be a fuckin’ STATEMENT.” Well, first of all: language. Second of all, these Indys from Leffot may be what you’re looking for. Built on the Trubalance last, these boots pair kinda black/kinda midnight-green earth chamois leather with brick red Vibram 2060 soles. How’s that for $@&#! statement?

alden leffot saddle shoe arabica lux brown alaska

Alden x Leffot Saddle Shoe in Arabica Lux/Brown Alaska: $645

“Well, I want a pair of classic Saddle Shoes,” you also say, “but I want them to be…more subdued.” Nah man, you want these. Leffot gave these Barrie-lasted Saddle Shoes a rugged twist, pairing Arabica Lux and brown Alaska leather together with Alden’s commando soles. Trust me. Get ‘em.

oak street bootmakers lakeshore cuoio tuscan shell

Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Boot in Cuoio Tuscan Shell Cordovan: $768

OSB’s Lakeshore pattern is well-suited to pair with this shell cordovan from Rocado. You’ve got a couple flavors to choose from: this plain-toe version in Cuoio Tuscan…

oak street bootmakers lakeshore burgundy tuscan shell

Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Boot in Burgundy Tuscan Shell Cordovan: $768

…or this cap-toe model in Burgundy Tuscan.

Viberg service boot wooly brown

Oh and There’s a 15% Off Viberg Sale at!!

This is a big thing. Never happens. But here it is: 15% off a really nice range of online exclusives, with more added through July 7th. Get cookin’.

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