Welcome back to another enthralling edition of Shoes ‘n Boots of the Week! Boot weather might be on its way out pretty soon here (hahaha jk it’s always boot weather), but that hasn’t stopped our favorite makers from cranking out some really great-looking makeups. Read on to learn about some new snazzy offerings from Viberg, a couple of awesome Aldens, a trio of new John Lofgren engineers, and more…

If you’d like to get up to speed on our previous roundups (you do), you can find them here.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Viberg Bastion Oxford Tobacco Classic Calf

Viberg Bastion Oxford in Tobacco Classic Calf: $750

With the new Refined Collection out this week, Viberg is putting the focus on more-formal patterns, including the Bastion oxford here, built on the 2030 last. There’s been some debate on these in Viberg fan circles, but I could see myself putting on this plain-toe oxford for a lowkey meal at a restaurant, possibly even one that serves pâté. The tobacco calfskin comes from C.F. Stead, and is complemented by a 270 flat welt and Dainite soles.

Viberg Light Visone Kudu Roughout Herald Boot

Viberg Herald Boot in Light Visone Kudu Roughout: $950

Another Refined article, the Herald boot comes in several leathers including this Light Visone kudu leather from C.F. Stead, and is built with an honestly incredible amount of extra care and processes to ensure that the wholecut pattern fits as closely as possible to the wearer’s foot and leg. Built on the 2030 last with a 270 flat welt and Dainite soles.

Viberg Halkett Derby Boot Eco Veg Fallow Suede

Viberg Halkett Boot in Eco Veg Fallow Suede Roughout: $750

The third part of Viberg’s Refined Collection is the Halkett, their updated take on a dressy derby boot. The leather? C.F. Stead suede. The construction? Flat welt with Dainite soles on the 2030 last. The choice? It’s yours.

alden ealdwine cabarrus nst tanker

Alden x Ealdwine “Cabarrus” NST Tanker: $670

These navy suede tanker boots are built on the dependable Barrie last and feature apron stitching in a bark tan color, plus a little splash of Alden Indy with the subtle quarter stitching. Built with a 360 reverse welt on commando soles.

alden brogue masamune wingtip blucher

Alden x Brogue “Masamune” Wingtip Blucher: $789

These are giving me a vintage Jason Statham vibe…dressed to the nines, but ready to do some damage. Built on the seldom-seen Tremont last, these wingtips are made with black shell cordovan, a 270 flat welt, and commando soles. The nickel eyelets provide a nice bit of contrast.

Lofgren engineers badalassi cognac

John Lofgreen Engineer Boots in Badalassi Cognac: $1,250

Our friends at Standard & Strange are now serving up some Lofgren Engineers for preorder in three flavors. All models are made with 270 storm welts and Vibram 705 half-soles and 700 heels. You can get your Badalassi on in some lively Cognac…

Lofgren engineers badalassi grigio

John Lofgren Engineer Boots in Badalassi Grigio: $1,250

…some slightly moody Grigio…

lofgreen engineers burgundy ezo deerskin

John Lofgren Engineer Boots in Burnt Burgundy Ezo Deerskin: $1,300

…or you can really turn heads with this pair, made with the hide of wild Japanese deer known as Ezo Shika. Deerskin is about as soft, pliable, and comfortable as it gets, and man, on an engineer…

Viberg division road service boot toscanello horsebutt

Viberg x Division Road Service Boot in Toscanello Horsebutt: $765

We haven’t seen many makeups in Viberg’s 2040 last lately, but Division Road is here to provide us with a new 2040 makeup with unlined, unstructured Toscanello horsebutt from Maryam. These are made with a stitchdown construction, Ridgeway soles, and unstructured toes.

truman derby gray waxy roughout

Truman Derby in Gray Waxy Roughout: $380

These beefy derbies built on the 79 last feature a Horween waxed flesh, a 360 storm welt, and Vibram 430 mini-lug soles.

oak street bootmakers trench boot dr sole

Oak Street Bootmakers Limited Edition Trench Boot in Natural Chromexcel: $486

The Dr. Sole hype train has been chugging along for the past few years—luckily said hype is very real—and now OSB is hopping onboard by putting their classic Trench Boots on Dr. Sole’s Supergrip rubber cork half-soles. Probably their best-looking Trench Boot yet.

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