If Ron Rider isn’t the most interesting person in the shoe game, I certainly want to meet whoever is. Ron’s lived his whole career in shoes, creating the cult favorite Rider Boot Co. and now acting as one of the behind-the-scenes straws that stir the private label drink for a crazy range of brands.

This week, Ticho and I talk to Ron (whose other amazing stories you can read here) about how private label works (it gets pretty weird!), how everyone screws up shoe sizing and his vision for how to do it correctly, what’s going on with his latest project with Ledbury’s sub-brand Tangier, and how many pints of Guinness you need to buy him to do a deal.

Ron is simply the best, and if you skip this episode, your life will be considerably worse.

So…give it a listen, dammit!

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This episode was sponsored by Grant Stone, perhaps the best overall value in shoes and boots, period

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