A short-but-sweet roundup for you guys this week. Breeze on through the latest from Viberg, Grant Stone, Iron Boots, and more!

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grant stone jungle kangaroo brass boot

Grant Stone Brass Boot in Jungle Kangaroo: $380

Previously seen on their plain-toe Diesel Boot, this veg-tanned Jungle Kangaroo has made its way to the Brass Boot, where it pairs quite well with the Floyd last and that shiny brass hardware.

grant stone edward rust kangaroo

Grant Stone Edward Boot in Rust Kangaroo: $370

The Edward also gets its first kangaroo leather, with the brand new Rust color. Did you know kangaroo leather has roughly ten times the tensile strength of a comparable bovine leather? More fun kangaroo leather facts here.

iron boots the great escape smooth

Iron Boots The Great Escape (Made To Order): $699+

Following a refresh of their catalog last fall, Iron Boots has just added another new makeup to their roster: The Great Escape, named after the 1963 World War II movie starring Steve McQueen, in which he wears a pair of US Army M43 boots. In fact, Iron’s The Great Escape is built on a last they’ve dubbed the M43—it’s based on the 5515Pro last (which itself is inspired by the Munson last), but with a lower-volume toe box designed for an unstructured toe. Got all that??

Each pair of The Great Escape comes with a riveted quarter panel, and has lots of leather choices and other customizable options available whether you’re getting a classic roughout look or a smooth leather version. Worth noting as well—Iron Boots is taking $50 off each MTO order of The Great Escape through the end of January.

left field nyc suns eye cowboy boots

Left Field NYC Sun’s Eye Cowboy Boots: $625

New York City’s Left Field NYC has been making denim jeans and all kinds of other vintage-inspired clothing in the United States since 1998. They’ve been slowly building out a Western wear collection over the past couple years, and it only made sense to them to add cowboy boots to the mix. Left Field enlisted the expertise of a Texas-based workshop to build them some terrifically solid cowboy boots, available in brown…

left field nyc big city cowboy boot

Left Field NYC Big City Cowboy Boots: $625

…as well as black. Each 12-inch-tall boot has what you’d expect to see in a pair of classic cowboy boots: a sizable cowboy heel, a pegged waist, a subtle-but-noticeable toebug. The Sun’s Eye and Big City each have their own unique designs on the shaft panels, as well. (If you’re looking for a pair of jeans to pair with these, I’m a big fan of the Work Uniform Denim.)

briselblack the seventh chelsea dark brown overdyed horsebutt

Briselblack The Seventh Chelsea in Overdyed Dark Brown Horsebutt: $625 (Pre-Order)

Briselblack (formerly Benzein) is currently running an open pre-order for one of their customers’ favorite models, The Seventh Chelsea boot. Built on the Kujang last, this boot will be made in an overdyed Maryam horsebutt with an unstructured toe, 270 flat welt, and Dr. Sole full rubber soles. Delivery expected May 2023. 

division road x viberg natural dublin service bootUp to 35% off Viberg, up to 60% off Tons of Very Good Menswear at Division Road

DR’s Fall/Winter ’22 end of season sale is extremely live. Viberg Service Boots, Chelseas, Scouts, derbies, and more are all available in limited sizes but at fantastic prices. Same for top jawnz from Dehen, Iron Heart, Gitman Vintage, Corridor, and more. Just be sure to note that everything is indeed final sale!

viberg autumn winter collection 2040 service boot zulu waxed kudu

Big Viberg Sales at Viberg.com, Withered Fig, and Blue Button Shop

In a rare move, Viberg is currently offering all of their Autumn/Winter 2022 seasonal makeups at a 20% discount for a limited time. (Ugh, those Marrone Sego 2040 Service Boots keep calling my name.) Withered Fig is following suit, running a sale on seasonal Vibergs through midnight tonight (use code VIBERGAW22 at checkout for 20% off). Blue Button Shop also has marked down their Viberg collection, with a handful of Spring/Summer 2022 models still remaining.

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