Almost-spring is apparently shoe and boot season. Fantastic. This week we’ve got a couple dozen to discuss from all sorts of makers, including Yuketen, Enzo Bonafé, Tricker’s, White’s, and many more. Let’s just dive right into it all.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

trickers division road super monkey boot natural cxl

Tricker’s x Division Road Super Monkey Boot in Natural Chromexcel: $585

Division Road’s exclusive Tricker’s monkey boot pattern subtracts speed hooks, adds eyelets, and makes a couple other subtle changes to update the classic style with some more modern flair, making them more akin to “sneaker boots.” These boots are made on Tricker’s 5402R last and feature a 360 storm welt with wildly lightweight Vibram Morflex soles. Division Road is serving them up this time in three flavors, including classic natty CXL…

trickers division road super monkey boot storm waxed kudu

Tricker’s x Division Road Super Monkey Boot in Storm Waxed Kudu: $585

…some sturdy, stormy waxed kudu from C.F. Stead…

trickers division road super monkey boot baltic kudu natural cxl

Tricker’s x Division Road Super Monkey Boot in Baltic Kudu and Natural CXL: $585

…and finally, some nifty Cons All-Star-vibing two-tones, in more waxed kudu and CXL.

viberg wholecutt boot taupe horsebutt

Viberg Wholecut Boot in Taupe Horsebutt: $900

Viberg’s seasonal releases continue this week with some additions to their wholecut offerings, with three new derby boots all built on the 2030 last with a 360 storm welt and Dainite soles. You have your choice in picking up a pair in Taupe Horsebutt…

viberg wholecut boot noix eco grain

Viberg Wholecut Boot in Noix Eco Grain: $830

…Noix (which I just found out is French for “walnut”)…

viberg wholecut boot chestnut calf suede

Viberg Wholecut Boot in Chestnut Calf Suede: $900

…and my favorite look of the bunch, C.F. Chestnut calf suede.

viberg service boot sap waxed kudu captoe

Viberg Service Boot in Sap Waxed Kudu: $785

Sap Waxed Kudu makes another appearance on the Viberg service boot, this time in a captoe pattern on the 2030 last with some Dainite soles.

alden ealdwine yarborough 405 jumper boot

Alden x Ealdwine “Yarborough 405” Jumper Boot: $640

The latest iteration of this Ealdwine jumper boot forgoes the previous model’s shell cordovan for Alden’s original brown workboot leather, a la the classic 405 Indy. Made on the Barrie last, these boots feature a 270 flat welt and commando soles.

whites boots huckberry cruiser black roughout

White’s Boots x Huckberry Cruiser in Black Roughout: $675

These Huckberry-exclusive 350 Cruisers are outfitted with Vibram 430 soles (rather than the default Vibram 700) and come in two flavors of Seidel leather: classic black roughout…

whites boots huckberry cruiser red dog roughout

White’s Boots x Huckberry Cruiser in Red Dog Roughout: $675

…as well as one of my personal favorites, Red Dog roughout.

viberg scout sweet potato eco veg suede

Viberg Scout Boot in Sweet Potato Eco Veg Suede: $710

Huckberry has also recently unveiled three new Viberg Scout models (which don’t appear to be exclusives but they aren’t available anywhere else yet). All three models have subtle differences between them. First up, this Sweet Potato model is built on the 2030 last with a 360 stitchdown construction on some Vibram Morflex wedges.

viberg scout camel hair waxed kudu

Viberg Scout Boot in Camel Hair Waxed Kudu: $710

Also on the 2030 last, these Scouts feature a 360 storm welt construction, also atop a pair of Vibram Morflex soles.

viberg scout rock eco veg suede

Viberg Scout Boot in Rock Eco Veg Suede: $710

Finally, this Rock Eco Veg Suede leather is complemented quite well by the coffee-colored Vibram Morflex. Ditto the 2030 last and 360 storm welt construction.

alden leffot longwing blucher color 8 shell

Alden x Leffot Longwing Blucher in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $855 (Pre-Order)

A favorite Alden makeup at Leffot, these LWBs are built on the Barrie last with a 360 storm welt and double Waterloc oiled soles.

alden leffot villager boot algonquin chukka

Alden x Leffot “Villager Boot” Algonquin Chukka: $621

A nice option for rain or shine, these Barrie-lasted chukkas are made in a tan suede leather with a 360 flat welt and red Alden cavity wedges.

enzo bonafe quarter brogue oxford black calf

Enzo Bonafé Quarter Brogue Oxford in Black Calf: ~$585 (Crowdfunded)

Swedish outfitter Skoaktiebolaget has a whole slew of crowdfunded GMTOs worth checking out at the moment. First up, a classic black calf quarter brogue oxford from Italian artisan Enzo Bonafé, built in on the 74945 mod last with a 270 flat welt and single leather soles.

enzo bonafe penny loafer tobacco suede

Enzo Bonafé Penny Loafer in Tobacco Suede: ~$585 (Crowdfunded)

These handsome loafers are also made (fully lined) on the 74945 last, also with a 270 flat welt and single leather soles.

enzo bonafe moccasin dark brown deerskin

Enzo Bonafé Moccasin in Dark Brown Deerskin: ~$488 (Crowdfunded)

These casual “penny moccasins” are built on Enzo’s M last—super comfy-looking.

lof and tung xavier black suede

Löf & Tung Xavier Loafer in Black Suede: ~$292 (Crowdfunded)

You can also crowdfund a pair of these black loafers from Skoak’s own house brand, Löf & Tung. These shoes are built on L&T’s R last, fully lined, with single leather soles.

skolyx womens chelsea dark brown suede

Skolyx Women’s Chelsea in Dark Brown Suede: $288

Skolyx’s made-in-Mallorca house brand serves up this excellent-looking chelsea boot in some dark brown suede from Italian tannery Sciarada. They’re made with a 270 flat welt on some low-profile rubber soles.

meermin norvegese service boot superlux horsebutt

Meermin Norvegese Service Boot in Superlux Horsebutt: $490

Meermin has brought back their Norvegese offerings for a limited time, and while there’s a whole bunch of different styles available that feature this distinctive chain stitch, I’ve gotta highlight these service boots that have been made with Superlux horsebutt from Conceria Cloe, which we’ve seen some great examples of in the Thunderdome and have been really loving. Built on the Hok last with Meermin’s city lug soles, these will only be around till Wednesday 3/23!

yuketen the bureau tokyo db chukka hair on black

Yuketen x The Bureau Tokyo DB Chukka in Hair-On Black: ~$887

Keep your hair on and check out these chukkas. Made on Yuketen’s 1950s moccasin last, these murdered-out chukkas feature a bit of hair-on hide over the toes. The whole package is made complete with a pair of black Vibram 2021 wedges.

nicks boots tuscon bison peanut

Nicks Boots Tuscon Bison Peanut MTO: $550+

If bison’s what you want, bison’s what Nicks Boots has got—for a limited time, at least. All kinds of makeup options are available for this one.

alden david wood bug light chukka

Alden x David Wood “Bug Light” Chukka: $625

Just a few sizes remain of these two-eyelet chukkas, which are built on the Barrie last in navy suede with a 360 split welt and some cushion-y plantation crepe soles. (I think the name is referencing a certain macrobrew, but I’m not 100% on that…)

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