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To kick off the month, we’re checking out more Rolling Dub Trio at Standard & Strange, an upgraded Nicks Boots hiker, another Cortina lug-soled moc at Oak Street Bootmakers, and more!

Lots more shoes ‘n’ boots here.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

viberg service boot 2040 oliva tpr horsebutt

Viberg 2040 Service Boot in Oliva TPR Horsebutt: $860

This week’s Viberg Service Boot release features more of this great-looking green TPR Horsebutt from Conceria Maryam. This time around, they’re made with a brogued cap-toe on the 2040 last, which features an obvious-but-not-overwhelming toe bump. Again, that color-matching Ridgeway sole is such a nice touch.

rolling dub trio gleaners japanese black box calf

Rolling Dub Trio Gleaners in Black Box Calf: $775

What we’ve gleaned from the Gleaners is, well, they’re just friggin’ cool. Another new addition to Standard & Strange’s Rolling Dub Trio collection, the Gleaner is a sleek and sexy sidezip with a bit of curved-heeled cowboy flair that stands in stark contrast to the Japanese brand’s chonk-forward offerings like the Coupen and Roots engineer. They’re made with a Japanese black box calf that is dense, yet supple, and feature a 270 flat welt, Vibram 269 western-style soles, and Boots Factory-branded rubber heels. Yeehaw.

oak street bootmakers camp moc brown chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers Camp Moc in Brown Chromexcel: $328

Rounding out Oak Street’s collection of Cortina-soled handsewns, the Camp Moc now features this grippy lug sole from SVIG. While we’d wager that one would rather opt for something like the Camp Boot or the Trail Oxford if they were looking for a handsewn with a high degree of traction, there ain’t nothing wrong with a little chonk, either, and these Camp Mocs deliver it in spades.

nicks boots 8 inch ridgeline

Nicks Boots 8” Ridgeline: $555 (Made To Order)

This new, taller Ridgeline hiker lets gives your calves a bit of comfort with some padded collars. Made with their all-around “365 Stitchdown” construction and Vibram Sierra soles, these boots are available in Nicks’ expedited lead time in a variety of different leathers.

russell moccasin birdshooter

Russell Moccasin Signature South 40 Birdshooter: $755

Russell Moccasin’s new owners are focused on steadily putting out stock models while they recalibrate their custom boot offerings. The latest restock is one of Russell’s famous Birdshooter models, which are made with a 6.5 oz bullhide, an extremely sturdy triple-vamp construction, and Vibram’s 360 Force sole. Handy if you’re a hunter, or if you’re just looking to tramp in the woods.

enzo bonafe adelaide semi brogue oxford sienna hatchgrain

Enzo Bonafé Adelaide in Sienna Hatchgrain: $580 (Pre-Order)

Once again, Vancouver shop Mehra is offering a wide selection of pre-orders from Italian shoemaker Enzo Bonafé. There are 15 different models to choose from, with books closing on March 13. We’ll highlight a few here, starting off with the semi-brogue Adelaide oxford in some lovely Sienna Hatchgrain. These handwelted shoes are bottomed with leather soles that feature elegant fiddleback waists.

enzo bonafe split toed tanker color 055 ilcea museum calf

Enzo Bonafé Split-Toe Tanker in Color 055 Ilcea Museum Calf: $670 (Pre-Order)

These Tankers are decked out in this burgundy-colored Museum Calf in addition to a 360 Norvegese chainstitch and Vibram Eton studded soles.

enzo bonafe wholecut boot dark peanut bison

Enzo Bonafé Wholecut Boot in Dark Peanut Bison: $670 (Pre-Order)

These wholecuts offer quite the juxtaposition: burly bison leather, paired with a refined 180 Norvegese chainstitch and slim waist, and bottomed with a topy’d leather sole.

alden ealdwine glenwood loden suede

Alden x Ealdwine “Glenwood” in Loden Suede: $675 (Pre-Order)

Previously seen in Milkshake Suede, the “Glenwood” is back again but this time in green Loden Suede. These plain toe boots are Barrie-lasted and have a 360 pre-stitched reverse welt with commando soles.

truman boot dark coyote roughout

Truman Boot Co. Dark Coyote Roughout Boot: $399+ (Made to Order)

The beige-colored Coyote Roughout is a leather many people associate with Truman. Now, they’re unveiling an exclusive Dark Coyote color that puts this leather at more of a snuff-brown shade. This MTO ends today!

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