Happy Cinco de Mayo! Loafers abound from Rancourt & Co., Leffot, and Crockett & Jones this week, and plenty of incredible boots as well.

Shoes ‘n’ boots from weeks gone by can be found here.

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john lofgren combat boot natural chromexcel roughout

John Lofgren Combat Boots in Natural Chromexcel Roughout: $890

It’s been a long wait, but Standard & Strange has finally received stock of these Lofgren Combat Boots in Natural CXL Roughout—a pattern/leather combination that, surprisingly, the brand has never utilized before now. Made on the Lofgren 120 last, these boots feature brass hardware, a 360 storm welt, and Vibram 700 soles.

nicks boots parkhurst v1

Nicks Boots x Parkhurst V1: $599+ (Made To Order)

Now here’s a killer combination. Parkhurst has buddied up with Nicks to create a boot they’re simply calling the V1—a Nicks Falcon (6 inches tall with a pull loop and Vibram 700 soles) built on Parkhurst’s 602 last. The result is a sleek boot with tight curves and subtle arch support, just like Parkhurst’s offerings, yet built with the burly materials and double-row stitchdown construction Nicks is known for. You can get one made in the leather of your choice (with the option to upgrade to a Wickett & Craig leather), or if you want to get it sooner, a Brown CXL version is available as a Quick Ship option.

nicks boots palisade

Nicks Boots Palisade: $569+ (Made To Order)

The 11067 last has a similar arch profile to the popular 55 last, but with a lot more bump in the toebox. While Nicks hasn’t utilized it often for their heritage-style offerings, they’re going all-in with three new makeups that marry this sprung-toe last with a logger heel, and each is available in a wide variety of leather options. The Palisade is a 6-inch plain-toe model outfitted with a Vibram 700 sole.

nicks boots anvil

Nicks Boots Anvil: $569+ (Made To Order)

The Anvil is the cap-toe variant, and comes with a Vibram 430 mini-lug sole.

nicks boots audubon

Nicks Boots Audubon: $495+ (Made To Order)

Finally, the statement-ready Audubon is a 3-inch shoe-boot, equipped with a Vibram 700 sole.

russell moccasin 2023 zephyr red maple oil tan

Russell Moccasin 2023 Zephyr in Red Maple Oil Tan: $625

Russell has updated their “moc-gineer” Zephyr with a couple of significant upgrades. For starters, they’re made with a double vamp construction, offering superior water resistance to the original’s single vamp construction, plus Poron has been inserted between the two vamp layers to provide extra cushioning. Additional under-the-hood improvements include better heel reinforcement to reduce slippage, plus an oak-tanned midsole layer combined with a rubber slipsole to increase support. The outsoles are lightweight Vibram Gumlite Oxford soles, with a minimal tread pattern that reduces the chance of mud caking on your feet.

limmer boots hiker

Limmer Boots Hiker: $385 (Pre-Order)

As we reported this week, the Hiker is Limmer’s first truly modern hiking shoe. Made with a lace-to-toe pattern that provides a user a very secure fit, each shoe is built with a 360 Norwegian welt and a similar sole construction to their popular Lightweight boot. Pre-order now to receive your pair this autumn.

rancourt gilman camp-moc peat dryden

Rancourt & Co. Gilman Camp-moc in Peat Dryden: $268

Rancourt has just added a couple more colors to their excellent catalog of handsewns. Here, the Gilman Camp-moc now comes in this greyish-blue Peat Dryden nubuck leather.

rancourt eastport loafer black cavalier

Rancourt & Co. Eastport Penny Loafer in Black Cavalier: $318

Meanwhile, the Eastport loafer is now offered in Black Cavalier (a Horween leather similar to Chromexcel but with less oil content).

alden leffot longwing blucher milkshake tan suede

Alden x Leffot Longwing Blucher in Milkshake and Tan Suede: $635

NYC menswear shop Leffot (happy 15th anniversary!) has hauled in three different Alden makeups that all feature a combination of milkshake and tan suede—a subtle combination that’s sure to cause some double takes. We’ve got the LWB on the Barrie last…

alden leffot saddle shoe tan milkshake suede

Alden x Leffot Saddle Shoe in Milkshake and Tan Suede: $620

…the Saddle Shoe, also Barrie-lasted…

alden leffot tassel loafer milkshake tan suede

Alden x Leffot Tassel Loafer in Milkshake and Tan Suede: $620

…and the Tassel Loafer, built on the Copley last.

crockett jones cannes tan milled calf

Crockett & Jones Cannes in Tan Milled Calf: $765

C&J has released their Riviera Collection, a squadron of summer-ready loafers. This collection includes three new unstructured loafer models, all built on the new 393 last—a shape that provides a snug-fitting heel and a low-but-not-overly-shallow toebox. First up, the Cannes, an understated loafer seen here in this gorgeous Tan Milled Calf.

crockett jones nice tobacco calf suede

Crockett & Jones Nice in Tobacco Calf Suede: $730

Next, the Nice, which is a classic penny loafer with a subtle slit across the strap.

crockett jones antibes ocean calf suede

Crockett & Jones Antibes in Ocean Calf Suede: $720

Finally, the Antibes is their new tassel loafer model, seen here in this deep-blue Ocean Calf Suede. Find the rest of the Riviera Collection here.

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