This week’s roundup highlights loafers from Alden, Rancourt, and (for the first time ever) Caswell; plus, we check out the latest from Frank’s Boots, the return of a classic favorite at Nepenthes, and much more.

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viberg bastion oxford clove regency calf

Viberg Bastion Oxford in Clove Regency Calf: $740

This week’s online exclusive from Viberg is their 2020-lasted Bastion Oxford in C.F. Stead’s Clove Regency Calf. The notched storm welt with the Ridgeway soles push these a bit out of bounds from an oxford’s typical formality, but they’re a snazzy pair nonetheless.

nicks bulder bro munson

Nicks Boots Thurman Lasts: $545+ (Made To Order)

Nicks Boots fans have been clamoring for a Munson-style last that provides for a bit more breathing room in the toebox, and Nicks has finally delivered with their new Thurman lasts. (Diehard Yankees fans have probably picked up on the reference already.) Rather than tweak the original Munson last, Nicks has adapted two of their most popular lasts to create something totally unique.

The ThurmanNW is modeled after the HNW last, and with its moderate arch, it provides a similar feel to the original Munson shape. Meanwhile, the Thurman55 combines the Munson toebox shape with the classic higher arch of Nicks’ 55 last. These Thurman lasts are now available to order in a variety of work and heritage-style makeups (as well as custom versions of each).

sagara boondocker dark brown waxed flesh

Sagara Boondocker in Dark Brown Waxed Flesh: $550

The latest ready-to-wear option from Indonesian bootmaker Sagara is a boondocker done up in Horween’s Dark Brown Waxed Flesh (recalling the dubbin treatment some soldiers applied to their roughout boots to make the leather more water-resistant). These pairs come on the Morgan last with a 270 Norwegian stormwelt and raw cord half-soles. The unstructured toes will collapse magnificently with wear.

franks boots rainier

Frank’s Boots Rainier: $560 (Made To Order)

The Rainier is great for those who want the arch support provided by the classic 55 last combined with the softer cushion of a wedge sole. Available by default in either black or brown oil tan leather with a Vibram 2021 wedge (though as is typical with Frank’s, many of these features can be customized—reach out to them for more details).

whites x nepenthes pole climber red dog

White’s Boots x Nepenthes Pole Climber in Red Dog: $774

The original White’s x Nepenthes Pole Climbers became something of a cult favorite after their original release back at the turn of the century. With a lace-to-toe “oxford” pattern tricked out with a lineman patch and Vibram 2021 soles (a perennial Stitchdown favorite), they certainly stood out. Nepenthes NY is bringing back this classic White’s makeup in three configurations, with Red Dog leather…

whites nepenthes pole climber distress roughout

White’s Boots x Nepenthes Pole Climber in Distress Roughout: $774

…Distress Roughout…

whites nepenthes pole climber black roughout

White’s Boots x Nepenthes Pole Climber in Black Roughout: $774

…as well as a blacked-out roughout variant.

alden leffot leisure penny snuff suede

Alden Leisure Penny in Snuff Suede: $593 (Pre-Order)

These Van-lasted unlined penny loafers are sure to provide a great degree of versatility and comfort this summer. Made with a 360 flat welt and Alden’s Leisure rubber soles, they’re available for a late May delivery from Leffot in either Snuff Suede…

alden leffot leisure penny humus suede

Alden Leisure Penny in Humus Suede: $593 (Pre-Order)

…or Humus Suede.

caswell lisbon ii toscanello tpr horsehide

Caswell Lisbon II in Toscanello TPR Horsehide: $450 (Pre-Order)

Caswell keeps on rolling with their special pre-order series. This week they’re highlighting Maryam’s Toscanello TPR Horsehide in two different models. First there’s the improved version of their Lisbon service boot, which features Dr. Sole’s Supergrip rubber soles.

caswell henson toscanello horsehide tpr

Caswell Henson in Toscanello TPR Horsehide: $400 (Pre-Order)

Then there’s a brand-new Caswell penny loafer, the Henson. This model is made on the same generous Wayne last used for the Lisbon boot, and is bottomed with a comfortable veg-tan leather sole. Both pre-orders will run through May 11th.

rancourt classic ranger-moc peat dryden

Rancourt & Co. Classic Ranger-moc in Peat Dryden: $268

Rancourt is sprucing up their lineup for the summer by introducing some new colorways. Peat Dryden is a pale-blue nubuck, available on the Classic Ranger-moc…

rancourt pinch penny loafer peat dryden

Rancourt & Co. Pinch Penny Loafer in Peat Dryden: $268

…as well as the Pinch Penny Loafer, if you’re not into the whole “laces” thing.

rancourt beefroll penny loafer eggplant honcho

Rancourt & Co. Beefroll Penny Loafer in Eggplant Honcho: $318

Eggplant Honcho offers a medium-burgundy color, and looks great on Rancourt’s ever-popular Beefroll Penny Loafer.

rancourt byron boot chicago tan

Rancourt & Co. Byron Boot in Chicago Tan: $420

Otherwise, if you need to boot up, the Byron is a solid choice and is now available in this Chicago Tan colorway.

alden sherman brothers ambler arabica lux

Alden x Sherman Brothers “Ambler” in Arabica Lux: $659 (Pre-Order)

Plan ahead for the fall by snagging this Barrie-lasted Dover blucher in Horween’s gorgeous Arabica Lux tumbled calfskin. This pair is made with a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and Alden’s Leisure 3 rubber soles.

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