I’d love to provide you good tidings and many gifts to open the twelfth month of a tumultuous year, but alas I come only with the comfort of knowing you’re up to date on all the shoe and boot releases worth knowing about.

Call it entering December with sole, and whether it’s V-bar on the Nicks x Parkhurst V2, Ridgeway on the Division Road x Tricker’s Collab, or an Alden wedge on Moulded Shoe’s new derby, we’ve got plenty in the latest Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week!

Ahhh, the gift of knowingly horrific puns.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Nicks x Parkhurst - V2

Nicks x Parkhurst V2 Boot: $619 (Made to Order)

While the Brandle line is stirring things up as far as dressy Nicks go, here’s the return of their earlier (and understandably very popular) dalliance with Parkhurst and their almond toed 602 last. The straightforwardly but appropriately named V2 takes that last and uses it to build out a double row stitchdown boot on the Vibram V-Bar, while Nicks and Parkhurst have opened up the options as far as leather, shaft height, and toe style are concerned.

Nicks x Parkhurst - V2 — Wickett & Craig

Nicks x Parkhurst V2 Boot in Wickett & Craig Upper Leather: $769

For a bit more, Nicks is also offering the Parkhurst last on a baker’s dozen of leather options from 156-year-old Pennsylvania veg-tannery Wickett & Craig (Double Stuffed, latigo, and English bridle in a range of colors) with those same height/toe style options above.

Grant Stone - Garrison - Castagno Minerva

Grant Stone Garrison Boot in Castagno Minerva: $380

Two new leathers have joined the ranks of previously available offerings on Grant Stone’s new Garrison model, including Badalassi Carlo’s Castagno Minerva veg-tan, a rich tannage which can develop a strong sheen with wear. The 270˚ flat welted service boot, with its proprietary micro-stud sole, all eyelet configuration, and brogued cap toe…

Grant Stone - Garrison - Bronze Rough Suede

Grant Stone Garrison Boot in Bronze Rough Suede: $380

…is also available in astoundingly nappy bronze rough suede, which Grant Stone has still managed to put a very clean rolled edge on.

Grant Stone - Brass Boot - Bronze Rough Suede

Grant Stone Brass Boot in Bronze Rough Suede: $380

The same leather feature’s no less prominently on a new Brass Boot model, where the undoubtedly casual leather is complimented by higher gauge eyelets and speedhooks, a commando sole, and a 360˚ storm welt.

Trickers x Division Road - Churchill - Whiskey Buffalo CXL

Division Road x Trickers Churchill Boot in Whiskey Bison CXL: $695

When you see Horween’s Chromexcel, what you’re looking is almost always a bovine leather, or more rarely horsehide, but it’s also available on some incredibly unique bison, which Tricker’s rolled out for one of last week’s Division Road collaborations, a Ridgeway soled Churchill Boot. It’s a somewhat high shafted boot, with nine brass eyelets and pinking on all of the upper panels, especially prominent on the backstay’s point detail. All the models in last weeks division road drop have a 360˚ storm welted construction…

Trickers x Division Road - Low Leg Logger - English Dublin

Division Road x Trickers Low Leg Logger in English Tan Cavalier: $685

Which on the (alarmingly alliterative!) Low Leg Logger is combined with a commando sole and heel, and placed on Tricker’s 4497s last–wide, curvy, and bump toed–a true tromping last. The resuting boot is made all the more formidable by six heavy and widely spaced eyelets. It’s uppers use another Chromexcel variation, Horween Cavalier, a slightly less oily combination tannage.

Trickers x Division Road - Bourton Brouge Derby - Carolina Brown Tumbled Cavalier

Division Road x Trickers Burton Brogue Derby in Carolina Brown Tumbled Cavalier: $625

The stormwelt, Ridgeway sole, and 4497s last make their return on a Bourton Brouge, though this time the Cavalier uppers appear in Carolina Brown, tumbled and given yet more texture by extensive brogueing.Russell Moccasin Joe's PH Boot—SB Foot Walnut Timberjack

Russell Moccasin Joe’s PH in Walnut Timberjack: $650

The SB Foot Walnut Timberjack and tan Scottish Twill quarters work wonderfully on one of the best-looking Russell boots we’ve seen in a minute. When you add up the single vamp + molded sole construction, that twill, and a Vibram 360 sole, this is a highly lightweight boot that can still get just about anything done.

Russell Moccasin - Professional Hunter - Bronze Suede

Russell Moccasin PH in Bronze Chamois: $615

A handful of sizes are still available in a very similar Russell boot to the above—the main differences are the leather (Horween Bronze Chamois), all eyelets in lieu of the eyes + lacing studs above, and the lack of a padded collar.

Easymoc - Scout - Chocolate Multi Suede

Easymoc Scout Boot in Chocolate Suede Multi: $375

Easymoc’s Scout Boot is a guide-boot-inspired, but the chukka-ish creation—between suede uppers, a Vibram 2060 wedge sole, and moccasin construction (hand sewn in Maine!)—should by all accounts be a seriously comfortable an easygoing pair, and they’re currently available in two new tri-toned colorways: Chocolate…

Easymoc - Scout - Stone Multi Suede

Easymoc Scout Boot in Stone Suede Multi: $375

…and Stone.

Moulded Shoe - D3411 - Tan Alpine Grain

Alden Modified Last Plain Toe Blucher in Tan Alpine Grain: $685

Alden Modified last mecca Moulded Shoe has a new wedge soled derby on offer: a chonky, all eyelet affair with a 270˚ storm welt and a high sheen Alpine grain upper.

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