Our wide-ranging roundup this week is a delight—we’re checking out all kinds of stuff, from the newest lineup at JK Boots, to brand-new models at Parkhurst and Oak Street Bootmakers, to Red Wing’s vintage goodies, and much more.

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viberg service boot 1035 classic grey oiled culatta

Viberg 1035 Service Boot in Classic Grey Oiled Culatta: $785

Viberg’s Service Boot Sunday hath returned! This past Sunday, they rolled out two web-exclusive Service Boots in C.F. Stead Classic Grey Oiled Culatta steerhide. This 1035-lasted version features big antique brass eyelets along with Dainite studded rubber soles…


viberg service boot 2040 classic grey oiled culatta

Viberg 2040 Service Boot in Classic Grey Oiled Culatta: $785

…and the 2040 version features a smaller set of eyelets along with Ridgeway soles. Tough choice here!

whites rose anvil drifter boot red dog

White’s Boots x Rose Anvil “Drifter Boot” in Red Dog: $650

Rose Anvil’s latest collaboration comes courtesy of White’s Boots. Built on the classic 4811 Smokejumper last, the Drifter is built to a 10-inch height in Seidel Red Dog leather, with a packer-style heel and Vibram 430 soles. For you EDC nuts, this boot also comes with a DIY kit to add matching pockets for knives or other goodies, if you should so choose. Very nifty.

viberg service boot loden janus calf suede 2030 ee

Viberg 2030EE Service Boot in Loden Janus Calf Suede: $780

Widebois rejoice! While we’ve already seen this model released in Viberg’s AW22 collection, Withered Fig decided to get their entire run in a wider EE fit (as opposed to the default E width of the 2030 last).

parkhurst elmwood matte black veg tan

Parkhurst Elmwood in Matte Black Veg Tan: $398

After facing down some manufacturing challenges (more details here), Parkhurst is getting things back on track and recently unveiled two brand-new patterns on a tweaked version of the 602 last, dubbed 602M. First up, the Elmwood, which is a classic chelsea with a 360 stormwelt and Vibram Londra soles. It’s available in a grey-black veg tan leather…

parkhurst elmwood mahogany

Parkhurst Elmwood in Mahogany: $398

…or in a combination-tanned brown leather.

parkhurst niagara mahogany

Parkhurst Niagara in Mahogany: $418

Parkhurst’s other new model is a sleek moc toe boot, the Niagara. Also crafted on the 602M last, it’s built with a 360 stormwelt and Itshide commando soles. The Niagara is available in more of this Mahogany leather…

parkhurst niagara light brown waxy commander

Parkhurst Niagara in Light Brown Waxy Commander: $398

…or in C.F. Stead’s Waxy Commander.

alden ealdwine phoenix tan vegano calfskin

Alden x Ealdwine “The Phoenix” Straight Tip Boot in Tan Vegano Calf: $610

A few sizes still remain in this Tan Vegano calf take on Ealdwine’s “Phoenix” boot. This straight tip cap toe boot is built on the Barrie last with a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and double Waterloc soles.

oak street bootmakers angler moc natural chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers Angler Moc in Natural Chromexcel: $378

Oak Street is breathing new life into their handsewn moccasin lineup with some new additions, including these Angler Mocs. Built on their brand-new 304 last, these mocs are double-vamped and feature a Cortina lug sole. Available in both Natural CXL…

oak street bootmakers angler moc brown chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers Angler Moc in Brown Chromexcel: $378

…and Brown.

oak street bootmakers sportsmoc brown chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers Sportsmoc in Brown Chromexcel: $388

Also made on the 304 last, the Sportsmoc features two eyelets and a vamp that sits farther up the foot, allowing for a more snug and secure fit. Also double-vamped and equipped with Cortina lug soles, the Sportsmoc is also available in either Brown CXL…

oak street bootmakers sportsmoc natural chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers Sportsmoc in Natural Chromexcel: $388

…or Natty.

alden brick mortar mercer u-tip blucher

Alden x Brick + Mortar “Mercer” U-Tip Blucher: $650

This Barrie-lasted U-tip blucher is made with tan nubuck leather and contrasting mocha mocc stitching. It features a 270 storm welt along with single Waterloc soles.

paraboot chimey nubuck gringo

Paraboot Chimey in Nubuck Gringo: ~$475

There’s lots of new hotness to check out at Paraboot right now, but we’ll feature just a few of our favorites here. The apron-toed Chimey comes in a dark brown nubuck leather, along with Paraboot’s signature Norwegian welted construction and rubber commando soles.

paraboot imbattable sauvage naturel

Paraboot Imbattable in Sauvage Naturel: ~$450

The Imbattable’s rugged silhouette is well-complemented by this natural horsehide leather.

paraboot avoriaz vel green

Paraboot Avoriaz in Vel Green: ~$485

The Avoriaz hiker comes in a green suede, along with a contrasting beige collar.

paraboot bergerac lisse ecorce

Paraboot Bergerac in Lisse Écorce: $420

Taking cues from classic work boots, the padded-collar Bergerac is available in a “smooth bark” grain leather…

paraboot bergerac velours marine

Paraboot Bergerac in Velours Marine: $465

…as well as a grey-blue suede.

jk boots 300

JK Boots 300: $379+

JK Boots has just released their 300 line, named “in honor of the 300 million hardworking individuals that make up our nation.” Available in a variety of leathers and soles—with safety toes and without—these boots cut the cost of JK’s usual offerings by being made in 5.5 oz leather instead of their typical 8-9 oz leather, and without nails or screws, offering a lightweight yet still-tough workboot.

red wing heritage same old skytrooper

Red Wing Heritage “Same Old” Upcycled Collection (Releasing Sept. 20th)

Nothing new here, but that’s Red Wing’s whole angle with this campaign focused on celebrating their heritage with a whole bunch of different men’s and women’s models across several decades. From the more recent Blacksmiths to the WWII-era Skytroopers, there are all kinds of worn vintage goodies you’ll be able to choose from when these all go up for sale next week.

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