Whether you can’t wait to get your warm-weather shoe situation rolling, you’re a dedicated summer boot-wearer, or you’re an incredibly fashionable (and literate) baby, we’ve cobbled together a range of recent-release options this week from Viberg, Nicks, and more.

Shoes ‘n’ boots from weeks gone by can be found here.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

White's x Division Road Natural CXL 350

Division Road x Whites Cruiser 350 in Natural CXL: $725

Luxury shoe-cation destination Division Road has revived one of their OG-est White’s Boots collabs from 2019: a two 350 Cruisers that pop the Spokane maker’s high-arched 55 last onto a commando lug half sole. The plain toe model comes in natural Horween Chromexcel…

White's x Division Road Black CXL 350

Division Road x Whites Logger in Black CXL: $725

…while a quad-stitched true cap toe model gets the Black CXL treatment.

Sagara Longwing

Sagara Capital Longwing in Black: $320

Meanwhile, a mere 9,775 miles away, top Indonesian bootmaker Sagara has released three new blacked-out models to their ready-to-wear line. The first is a dressy Capital Longwing brogue, which comes equipped with a domestic black cowhide upper, a black Norwegian storm welt, and a double leather sole with (believe it or not) black edge finishing.

Sagara Trailmaster Hiker Boot

Sagara Trailmaster in Black Teacore: $395

The same release circumnavigated the formality-globe to bring you two hikers: The Trailmaster boot, which features a domestic black teacore leather, chunky Vibram 132 commando soles, and Italian hiker styling.

Sagara Trailmaster Low

Sagara Trailmaster Low: $385

And then we’ve got the Trailmaster Low, which knocks three inches off the shaft height and ten dollars off of what is already one of the better value propositions in boots. To order either of these models, just email order@sagarabootmaker.com with the model name as the subject line.

Russell Moccasin Highland Chukka

Russell Moccasin Highland Chukka: $680

Russell Moc continues their recent spate of releases with the Highland Chukka, which is certainly among the highest chukkas we’ve ever seen. A Horween CXL upper sits atop Russell’s “Double Stack” leather + rubber midsole stitched to a Dainite outsole, and a three eyelets + three speed hooks—which Russell dutifully, and quite wonderfully, refers to as “army studs”—setup.

Red Wing Moc Toe Black Cherry Excalibur

Red Wing Classic Moc in Black Cherry Excalibur: $319

Mike Larson promised on the Shoecast that we’d be seeing more Red Wing Heritage styles, and here we go, thanks to mouthwatering Black Cherry Excalibur leather from the Minnesota brand’s very own S.B. Foot tannery.

Viberg Service Boot—Color 8 Crust Workshoe Butt Roughout

Viberg 2040 in Color 8 Crust Workshoe Butt: $960

We think it’s safe to say that not everyone is out there running roughout Color 8 crust workshoe butt. The fine-napped horsehide and brogued cap toe adorn the vintage work boot silhouette of Viberg’s 2040 last, making for a chonky but show-stopping casual boot. The only bad news: larger sizes are already out of stock.

Viberg Halkett Hatch Shell Cordovan

Viberg Halkett Boot in Armagnac Boxboard Shell Cordovan: $1544

Moving even faster are these Halketts in Horween Armagnac boxboard shell. The ultra rare hatch grain-embossed leather comes accompanied by a 360 degree scalloped welt—just a few sizes left on these.

Viberg Uplands Chukka Hatch Shell

Viberg Uplands Chukka in Armagnac Boxboard Shell Cordovan: $1400

Same with the UplandscChukka—if you dig ’em, hurry.

FEIT Handsewn Low Latex—White

FEIT Handsewn Low Latex in White Horsehide: $495

Just in time for summer, FEIT has restocked their Latex Low sneaker. The shoe features a soft Lactae-Hevea cup sole with bamboo shank, cork fill, and veg tan insole.They’re topped off with horsehide uppers (which FEIT calls “semi-cordovan”), and come in white, grey, or black

Nicks Baby Builder Pro

Nicks Boots Baby Builder Pro: $85 (Adorably Made to Order)

Nicks: a family boot company!! The Baby Builder Pro is spec-d out with a 4oz. 1964 leather, a towering 2 ¾” shaft height, a full leather midsole and heel block, and a rubber outsole. The size range is basically infinite: infant 5-9, children’s 9.5-12, and youth 12.5-3, in three widths. Good luck getting your child to subject themselves to being measured in any fashion. Orders will be accepted until June 18th, and with a 7-8 week lead your child will get to learning patience for free.

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