If, dear reader, you’re finding it hard to think about anything except escaping the heat this July, allow us to humbly suggest… buying boots! This week, we’ve got some indigo action at Oak Street Bootmakers, clove calf from Viberg, and a steep sale on everything from White’s oxfords to Tricker’s monkeys at Division Road (and plenty of very good clothing). Please shop responsibly.

Shoes ‘n’ boots from weeks gone by can be found here.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Oak Street Bootmakers- Trench Boot - Natural Indigo Chromexcel Roughout

Oak Street Bootmaker Trench Boot in Natural Indigo Chromexcel Roughout: $548

Believe it or not, there’s an overlap between Boots World and that of selvedge denim, whose natural indigo dye that turns boot shafts blue has its own word: crocking. If you’re already enamored by the unique flavinoidal flavor of indegofera tinctoria, the plant responsible for the blue die in question, here’s a chance to take the obsession one step further. Oak Street has released three natural indigo models, on which dye is applied by hand to roughout natural Chromexcel, which is then hand-lasted on OSB’s Elston last and attached to a Dr. Sole Raw Cord sole with a 360˚ flat welt. The fading result is most definitely something.

Oak Street Bootmakers- Trench Oxford - Natural Indigo Chromexcel Roughout

Oak Street Bootmaker Trench Oxford in Natural Indigo Chromexcel Roughout: $536

The same leather is available on the lower Trench Oxford with a Dr. Sole raw cord sole…

Oak Street Bootmakers- Feild Boot- Natural Indigo Chromexcel Roughout

Oak Street Bootmaker Trench Boot in Natural Indigo Chromexcel Roughout: $548

…and the Field Boot, which features an Itshide commando sole. All three models will reveal the lighter tan of the Chromexcel over time, and judging by boots from past runs, every possible intervening shade of blue.

Nicks Boot- Pullman - Classic Configuration

Nicks Boots Pullman: $629 (Made to Order)

Here’s what I know about these boots: On the day they were born, all the bootmakers gathered ’round. And they gazed in wide wonder, at the pattern they’d found. Mattimore spoke up, said “Leave this one alone.” He could tell right then, it was bad to the bone.

That’s… more accurate than you might think, and if it has you curious check out Josh’s excellent article on the story of the new pattern.

Viberg - Bastion Oxford- Clove Regency Calf

Viberg Bastion Oxford in Clove Regency Calf: $740

We’ve got another selection from the Viberg leather warehouse, and I’m going to keep covering these until they offer to let me bring a sleeping bag into wherever they keep their hides. The latest offering is three models in C.F. Stead’s Clove Regency Calf. The Bastion takes the wax-antiqued calf and applies it to Viberg’s oxford pattern, dressed down a little by a Ridgeway sole. A notched (dare I say “crenelated”?) storm welt, a cap toe, and rolled edges on the quarter and facings.Viberg - Halkett Boot - Clove Regency Calf

Viberg Halkett Boot in Clove Regency Calf: $840

Then we’ve got a Halkett Boot makeup, differentiated by its open facings and 6 inches of height where there was previously only air…

Viberg - Slipper - Clove Regency Calf

Viberg Slipper in Clove Regency Calf: $590

…and a storm welted slipper with a cushier natural rubber Lactae Havea sole.

Division Road x Whites - Oxford 300 - Black Waxed Flesh and Natural Chromexcel

Division Road x White’s Oxford 300 in Black Waxed Flesh and Natural Chromexcel: $485

DR is currently running their annual archive sale, with discounts as deep as 60% on all manner of goods, including some extremely respectable deals on boots. We’re listing a few of our favorites in the roundup, but there’s plenty of other footwear too.

The White’s collaboration Oxford 300 model, despite being 25% off, still has 100% of its non-negotiable chonk, derived in part from its 2060 wedge and handsewn stitchdown construction. It’s also got 300% of the usual leather, melding natural (grain-out) Chromexcel, black Horween waxed flesh, and a nice meaty natural veg-tan midsole.

Division Road x Viberg - Derby Boot - Brown Camel

Division Road x Viberg Derby Boot in Brown Camel: $570

Also marked down are these 2030-lasted Viberg derby boots with a 360 degree Goodyear storm welt, and T. Moro camel hide tanned in Italy with a very fine naturally pebbled texture.

Division Road x Trickers - Super Monkey - Horween Black Esssex

Division Road x Tricker’s Super Monkey in Black Essex: $425

Last but not least: it’s a boot, it’s a sneaker, it’s the Super Monkey. Yet another Division Road exclusive, these Christy-wedge-equipped monkey boots come in Horween’s Essex tannage. The model has a split welt and Tricker’s veg-tan insole, wood shank, and cork fill.

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