Stop, collaborate, and listen. We’ve got a bunch of different makers doing just that this week (presumably they’re listening to something?), with some new collabs available from Alden, Wesco, Tricker’s, and more. Plus: Nicks gets creative with some of their surplus leather in a really cool way. Check it all out below.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Alden x Brogue “Arai” Indy: $848

Brogue continues to pump out a ton of great Alden collabs, with the “Arai” Indy making its debut this week. Built on the Grant last, these color 8 shell boots feature a 270 storm welt and double butyl leather soles.

Alden x Brogue “Clint” in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $802

A color 8 shell variation on a previous “Clint” makeup, these straight tip boots are Grant-lasted with a 360 flat welt and double butyl leather soles.

Alden x Brogue “Bronco” Blucher: $793

Brogue’s got a couple restocks of some neat Alden makeups this week, too. You’ve got another chance to pick up these striking PCT bluchers, done up on the Grant last with black shell on a 270 flat welt and commando soles.

Alden x Brogue “Tourist” in Brown Scotch Grain: $585

We just featured the black scotch grain “Tourist” last week, but the OG brown scotch grain has returned to Brogue. Barrie last, 360 flat welt, white cavity wedge.

Tricker’s x The Bureau “Ripon” Boot in Heavy Horse Burgundy: ~$661

The “Ripon” boot is the latest in The Bureau’s series of intriguing collaborations with Tricker’s. This particular boot is made with Horween burgundy horsehide on the Tricker’s 4497 last with a 360 storm welt and Vibram 2060 wedge soles.

Tricker’s x The Bureau “Ripon” Boot in Black Derby: ~$661

Another “Ripon” variation, built with similar specs to the one above, but featuring Horween’s black Derby leather and some Vibram commando soles. I’m loving the pop of the white stitching here.

 alden madison porter indy

Alden Madison “Porter” Indy: $620

These Trubalance-lasted Indys are made with Kudu Chromexcel (aka not actual kudu, but just really heavily oiled CXL), with a 270 storm welt and a tan cavity wedge sole. A great casual option right here.

Wesco x The Shop Vancouver “Short Stack” Boss Boot: ~$794 (Pre-Order)

The Shop has brought back their motorcyclist-focused Boss engineer, which features a “chopped” 8 inch height in Forest Chromexcel leather, with brass hardware and malt-flavored colored wedge soles to round off the whole package. These become a whole different animal after they’ve been worn a while. Books will be closing for this pre-order on Sunday.

Paraboot x Arpenteur Chukka: ~$466

French stylized-workwear clothiers Arpenteur have teamed up with their compatriots Paraboot to create a chukka boot based on the latter’s Chambord derby. It feels like a natural evolution of the pattern, with the slight shaft typical of a chukka complementing the high-set apron quite well. And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Paraboot’s signature Norwegian welt and some rugged lug soles. I personally like this tobacco suede model the best, but you can also choose from army suede, black scotch grain, and brown scotch grain.

wesco iron heart jobmaster brown horsehide

Wesco x Iron Heart Jobmaster in Brown Horsehide: $800

This special Jobmaster, courtesy of denim legends Iron Heart, is made with Horween brown horsehide at an 8 inch height, featuring brass hardware, khaki stitching on the uppers, and a Vibram 100 sole paired with a Quabaug heel.

Skolyx Chelsea in Dark Brown Suede: $288

You can rarely go wrong with a classic like a brown suede Chelsea, and Swedish supershop Skolyx is offering one here for an attractive price. These made-in-Mallorca boots are built on the sleek Adam last, with a 270 flat welt and Vibram Eton studded soles.

trickers wynchwood logger boot

Tricker’s Wychwood Logger Boot: ~$660

Another inclusion to their ConsTruct line, these rugged boots come in three shades of Horween Chamois leather—Navy, Fudge, and Black—all made on the 4497S last with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles. A solid-looking service boot, these are.

Nicks Free Range Boots: $450+

At a time when sustainability is rightly on many people’s minds, Nicks is taking a somewhat-novel approach to the idea. Rather than throwing away bug-bitten, stretch-marked leather that is otherwise perfectly good, Nicks has used this leather to create some straightforward work boots at a discount. All of these 6 inch boots are built on the HNW last with Christy wedge soles, and they’re available in a smattering of sizes and colors.

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