Iiiit’s Friday, Friday, shoes-n-boots-roundup Friday!

Sorry, I couldn’t help but think of that classic Rebecca Black track while checking out these new black Becca boots from Nicks. (Have I mentioned I’m sorry?) Read on to learn more about that brand-new offering, plus a new shoe style from Viberg, some more Rolling Dub Trios now in stock and Standard & Strange, and more.

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nicks boots becca blackout

Nicks Boots Becca in Blackout: $539

Nicks recently made their first foray into women’s footwear with the Becca, a sleek work boot built on their new 5332 last. This Blackout variant comes in black Chromexcel with black-dyed midsoles and Vibram 269 Western soles. Reeeeally sharp boots. Nicks is also offering Blackout editions of some of their men’s boots, too!

rolling dub trio casper oiled natural chromexcel

Rolling Dub Trio Casper in Oiled Natural Chromexcel: $775

Standard & Strange is adding a drool-worthy quartet from rarely-seen-in-US-shops Japanese maker Rolling Dub Trio to their catalog this week. First up, we’ve got the Casper sidezip with wholecut uppers made of natural CXL with an oiled factory finish, built on the CBT02 last with cork outsoles and toe taps.

rolling dub trio fargo black goatskin

Rolling Dub Trio Fargo in Black Goatskin: $925

A superb choice for those of you still contending with the last gasps of winter, the Fargo centerzip boot is made on a Munson last with goatskin uppers and shearling lining. The Vibram Arctic Grip soles will keep you sure-footed in all sorts of wintry conditions.

rolling dub trio lineman iii dark beige suede

Rolling Dub Trio Lineman III in Dark Beige Suede: $900

These monkey boots, built on the Y030 last, are made with a handsome cowhide suede and feature a Norwegian welt along with some Vibram Sierra soles.

rolling dub trio roots brown horsebutt

Rolling Dub Trio Roots in Brown Horsebutt: $1000

Finally at S&S this week, another rendition of RDT’s Roots boot, coming in an Italian brown horsebutt this time around. These Munson-lasted tallbois feature a brogued cap toe and sturdy rubber soles.

rancourt guarded goods harrison toscanello horsebutt

Rancourt & Co. x Guarded Goods Harrison in Toscanello Horsebutt: $395 (Pre-Order)

Esteemed Patina Thunderdome judge Guarded Goods joins forces with Rancourt to bring us this Harrison boot in the ever-popular Toscanello horsebutt from Maryam. Built on the 2592 last, these handsewn moc boots include some ultra-comfy Lactae Hevea soles. Pre-orders close March 21st!

viberg rockland blucher light tobacco suede

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Light Tobacco Suede: $730

NEW VIBERG STYLE ALERT! The Rockland is here for your casual spring/summer needs. With no lining and no structured toes, you can comfortably wear these pairs sockless. It’s available in three C.F. Stead flavors, including this tobacco suede…

viberg rockland blucher chestnut calf suede

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Chestnut Calf Suede: $730

…also a chestnut suede…

viberg rockland blucher noix eco grain

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Noix Eco Grain: $700

…as well as the Noix Eco Grain. All three pairs are made on the 2030 last with a 360 storm welt and leather soles.

viberg derby sap waxed kudu

Viberg Derby Shoe in Sap Waxed Kudu: $700

Viberg has also added another one of their traditional derby models to their SS2022 collection, utilizing some more of that Sap Waxed Kudu. These shoes are 2030-lasted with a 360 storm welt and Dainite soles.

alden madison woodruff chukka

Alden Madison “Woodruff” PCT Chukka: $645

These handsome six-eyelet chukkas are made on the Barrie last with tobacco reverse chamois, and feature a 360 storm welt with commando soles. Just a few stock sizes remaining—hit up Alden Madison if you want to be waitlisted for the next batch.

meermin jumper boot alicante brown suede

Meermin Jumper Boot in Alicante Brown Suede: $250

Built on the Rod last with Meermin’s Ultraflex welt construction, these jumper boots are made with a chocolatey suede from France’s Tanneries De Puy. They’re rounded out with a pair of low-profile commando soles.

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